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Verstappen Given A Three-Place Grid Drop After Monza Crash With Hamilton

Max Verstappen has been given the blame for the crash with Lewis Hamilton that put the two championship rivals out of the Italian GP. The stewards have given Max a three-place grid penalty for the next race in Russia. Max Verstappen also gets two penalty points, which takes his total up to two in the 12 month period. 

The Stewards said in their decision statement that “the driver of Car 44 (Lewis Hamilton) was driving an avoiding line, although his position caused Car 33 (Max Verstappen) to go onto the kerb. 

“But further, the Stewards observed that Car 33 was not at all alongside Car 44 until significantly into the entry into Turn 1. In the opinion of the Stewards, this manoeuvre was attempted too late for the driver of Car 33 to have “the right to racing room”.”

Lewis and Max were both involved in separate fights on track at Monza, with Lewis trying to pass Lando Norris and Max doing the same with Daniel Ricciardo. But both of them had slow stops, which meant that they ended up side by side when Lewis came out of the pits. Max went to go round the outside of Lewis at the very tight Rettfilio chicane.

They were side by side when Max was launched off the sausage kerb at the edge of the track. His rear wheel then connected with Lewis’, and with both of them accelerating, Max’s car was then launched again, and it flew up onto Lewis’s car and rested on top.

It was another scary coming together between the two drivers, who are both fighting hard for the championship. Both drivers tried to carry on, Max trying to accelerate off the top of Lewis’s car and Lewis trying to back out from behind. But both of them were stuck and were out of the race. It’s another absolutely shocking flashpoint between these two fierce racers.

After the race, eventual winner Daniel Ricciardo called it 100% a racing incident, saying, “you only know when it’s too late”.

The two made contact at the British GP with Verstappen getting thrown out into the wall at high speed and Hamilton being declared at fault before going on to win the race.

It’s hotting up. This isn’t the end of their fight. They’re still only separated by five points! It’ll be a miracle if we can get through the rest of the season without them making contact again!

4 thoughts on “Verstappen Given A Three-Place Grid Drop After Monza Crash With Hamilton

  • Anthony Schroeder says:

    Well now RB might as well change engines at Sochi. Anyways, as mentioned previously, I thought this was a racing incident that was Max’s fault. I also considered Silverstone a racing incident that was Lewis’s fault, so I guess the stewards are somewhat consistent there. Still getting annoyed that Max is consistently being allowed to run rivals off the track lap 1 without consequences and then when tables turn, he’d rather crash than back down.

    • Bjorn Theunissen says:

      I agree with both incidents being racing incidents, but I think a 3 place grid penalty is a little much when compared to the crash at Silverstone. Although it’s hard to give max a 10 sec penalty when he can’t drive anymore it’s definitely not a 3 place grid penalty.
      The worst of all is that the fia are just penalizing everyone who goes wheel to wheel in a fight. Something they want to have more with the new regulations.

  • Maybe a controversial opinion, the crash wasn’t Hamilton or Verstappen’s fault, it was that damn sausage kerb for being way too tall, an absolute floor killer, and somehow able to yeet a 750kg (ish) car a solid 5 foot. If that kerb wasn’t so high could VER & HAM could have stayed side by side round the chicane??

  • Phillip Watters says:

    I’m not a fan of either driver but this was probably 70% Hamilton’s fault. What I find amazing is that the stewards statement basically says Hamilton caused the accident by not leaving enough room but we’re going to penalize Verstappen instead. They only crashed because Hamilton didn’t give enough room, and Verstappen didn’t have any safe option to avoid it. If Hamilton had given him room they could have continued racing to the next turn.

    While Verstappen’s comments are reprehensible I don’t think he had any obligation to go check on the guy who had just knocked him out of a race, again. And since Hamilton was clearly alert and unharmed enough to attempt a reverse back onto the track, Verstappen didn’t need to check on him.

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