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Verstappen Goes IN On Sky Sports And Explains Why He’s Boycotting Their Interviews

What’s the difference between hearing Max Verstappen speaking to Sky Sports and Nicholas Latifi scoring points in Mexico? Neither of them were going to happen. The two-time champ decided to snub Sky Sports this weekend after “constant” disrespect from one particular individual on their team 👀

In the press conference after the Mexican Grand Prix, Verstappen didn’t hold back with his thoughts on how the broadcasters had portrayed him this year.

“It had nothing to do with this weekend, but this year has been a constant, kind of like digging and being disrespectful, especially from one particular person,” Max said after a record-breaking 14th win of the season.

“At one point, it’s enough. I don’t accept it. You can’t live in the past. You just have to move on.

“Social media is a very toxic place, and if you are constantly like that on live TV, you make it only worse instead of trying to make it better in the world.

“You keep disrespecting me. At one point, I’m not tolerating that anymore, so that’s why I decided to stop answering.”

Although Max never confirmed who this one individual was, it’s heavily suggested to be Ted Kravitz after a clip from his notebook last week went viral online. In the show, which Ted recorded after the United States Grand Prix, he talked about how Lewis Hamilton was “robbed” of an eighth world title last year.

It’s not just Max who isn’t speaking to Sky Sports. It’s the whole of Red Bull, including teammate Sergio Perez and Team Principal Christian Horner! Wow 😳

“The sport is more popular, so there are more people watching, so more people are writing just that,” Verstappen replied when he was asked why things were becoming more toxic.

“It’s not great that they are allowed to write these kinds of things, so I hope we can come up with an algorithm that stops people from being keyboard warriors because these kinds of people will never come up to you and say these things in front of your face.

“They’re just sitting in front of their desk at home, being upset and frustrated, and they can write whatever they like because the platform allows it to.

“That can be really damaging and hurtful to some people, not how it should be.”

Though Max didn’t say how long he’d be giving Sky the silent treatment, his boss Horner said it was just for the Mexico weekend – which is a relief as they exclusively broadcast F1 to countries like the UK, Italy and Germany.

Do you agree with Verstappen’s boycott? Comment below.

99 thoughts on “Verstappen Goes IN On Sky Sports And Explains Why He’s Boycotting Their Interviews

  • Good. The lack of Horner lying whenever Sky stick a mic near him has been a refreshing change this weekend.

    Some advice to Red Bull F1 management. Respect goes both ways. Stop cheating. Tell the truth. Be nice to people.

  • Good for him. Totally agree. Sky need to understand that they are broadcasting world wide and not just to British TV. Ted Kravitz needs to decide if he is a broadcaster which should have some journalist integrity or a blogger. Want to be a blogger? Don’t do it in international TV.

  • Jathan Manrique says:

    Hot take, but a heavily British based sports station should not be the international coverage. If you like it or not, an all British staff is going to have a British bias. If you are British, you will not notice the British bias is there. Take it from an American F1 fan. Cue the hate for being an American DTS fan:

    • disqus_WNe5xaR9AD says:

      Exactly this. But Brits would not consider this as an option. As much as they have a pretty good gruop of people on air. Having a single nationality has as result this bias opinions. It would me so much different if alonside Crofty is a Dutch, an Finn, a Brazilian or anyone else but britt.

    • The only way for me as an Aussie to watch the F1 is through the world feed, and there’s been multiple times this year I’ve watched GP’s on mute because I can’t stand to listen to the commentary.

      • Chester Van Ree says:

        the F1 tv supports other languages as well as no language and you can also view the camera of 1 car all race if you like to

        • Jeffery Males says:

          Not everyone, can use a computerized TV. (Although I has the net on my TV, it doesn’t work all of the time, & I can’t log in), So I’m stuck with watching the F1 on “Fox” Cable. (They’re yet to explain how you go abo0ut changeing the service when they stop their “Cable Veiwing”, in Australia).

        • ex vw convert says:

          Not available in australia (maybe with a vpn) forced to listen to sky if you subscrib to foxtel or kayo. And 90% of coverage is focused on hamilton russell norris

    • Paige Gregory says:

      As a British f1 fan I am also fed up with the bias. It’s not British bias because Sky don’t go on about Russell or Norris, it’s only Hamilton bias. Commentators are there to let us know what’s happening, not pass judgement. Whatever their opinion is off screen shouldn’t come into it.

    • Gerard O'Connor says:

      I compleatly agree with this. I rather like the comentary overall, but as an Aussie I do feel there is a pro-British bias, and (probably unintentionally) that does feel like it’s gotton worse the last two years.

    • 100% mate. I’m an Australian and it’s bleedingly obvious the bias is there. It’s not always strong and not from everyone, but sky as a whole are very pro Hamilton, George, Lando. I’ve been watching for almost 30 years and as much as I do enjoy the coverage sky provides, sometimes they go too far just like in this instance. Noone was robbed, the championship took place over an entire season.

    • That’s true. I switched to watching F1 TV. The F1 broadcast team is much less obviously bias, a d not that they have an American broadcaster it’s even better. You hear his enthusiasm towards max as no other broadcaster has shown.

    • dude, seriously, even this weekend, the question was asked towards the end of the race, why if Perez and Verstappen are on the same strategy is Perez unable to go as fast as Max. not a single one was willing to say that Max is the difference.

      I actually cringed during that entire exchange, it was painfully clear they had no real answer and were just avoiding the possibility of having to say that Max is a great driver.

      I get it, Sky is an English broadcast, but if they are the international broadcast team, then they need to not have a biased commentary box, or Liberty Media needs to build their own international commentary team to send out for ESPN and other international feeds.

      • I’d be fine even just having alternate biased opinions in the studio to argue back against them if they truly cant manage objectivity. Bring some fanatic spanish Alonso commentator in; anything to break up the echo chamber narrative.

      • F1TV is kind of that, though the commentators are British generally, they are way less biased. But media deals exist. Though, I personally still enjoy the sky broadcast, in spite of the bias.

  • Gordo Sixtytwo says:

    Hats off to Verstappen. Direct, honest, no BS. Just straight to the point.
    Meanwhile over at Sky Sports they are panicking and trying to patch things up with Verstappen. Nothing but nice things said about him now. Lol.
    Where is Ted Kravitz the local class clown?

    • This is why I love Max. He is straight up. Lewis trying to be this politician and complimenting everyone nonsense is just fakery.

      • I disagree with you there. Lewis is doing the best that he can with a bad situation and tries to spread positivity. Because if he doesn’t, he’ll get torn to shreds. It’s an element of maturity that Lewis has gained over time. I don’t have a problem with what Max is saying here. At the same time, I don’t think Lewis is being fake.

        • Lewis gets really passive aggressive which is frustrating sometimes. I also don’t really enjoy Toto’s “the team is supposed to be the drivers’ punching bag” theory, I can’t imagine the whole garage enjoys the jabs.

          • That’s understandable. I much prefer Lewis’s style to Max’s tbh, I find Max way too aggressive (at least historically). But I think that’s just a difference of opinion kind of thing.

            I totally get not liking the jabs thing. I do think there’s a difference between in the car and outside of it. There’s a really good clip of Seb answering a question directed at Lewis about something he said in the heat of the moment. Basically Seb was saying that it’s not reasonable to expect drivers to always be nice or on their best behavior when on team radio, because they’re in the heat of the moment.

          • Cyrus Purvis Jr. says:

            Lewis lost the championship fair and square. Why doesn’t Kravitz acknowledge this? A bunch of middle aged englishmen whinging about it isn’t Max’s fault either. Kravitz needs to stop living in 2021 and get used to Lewis in 2022!

          • Objectively speaking, he did not lose it fair and square. The race director broke the rules to gift it to Max. Kravitz wouldn’t acknowledge your delusional fantasy and why should he?

          • ‘objectively’ would be to look at the entire season and see which driver made more forced errors over the course of the season, and which driver was most consistent.

            Max, when he wasn’t involved in a shunt finished every.single.race in first or second place. Lewis, when he wasn’t involved in a shunt cannot say the same. he had unforced errors from which he was unable to recover. Baku brake magic anyone? Imola sliding off the track anyone? Monaco underperformance anyone? Turkey overrule tyre choice anyone?

            Lewis should have had last season locked down way before that last race, that it came down to a last lap battle is all his fault.

            but you already knew that, it’s just easier to blame the game than it is to admit Lewis let you down and Max was consistent enough over the entire season to be ready to strike when the opportunity fell to him.

          • I’ll tell you what is objective, Max was gifted by lenient stewards ignoring or minimising the punishments for his dirty driving, to the point where the petulant little shampion shouldnt have even been racing in Abu Dhabi, he was gifted by his team cheating with the cost cap, and he was gifted by Michael Masi breaking the rules to engineer an artificial overwhelming tyre advantage.
            Max fans dont have a clue about what is objective, and they clearly dont have a clue about this sport.

          • “pathetic little shampion.” Not okay. As a Lewis fan, stop. If you’re not going to show some basic respect, then don’t come comment.

          • You and about 50 other delusional max fanboys dont believe this. The collective F1 world recognises that Maxs title is tainted.

          • Now now, no need for name calling. Genuine question though, do you watch any other sports? How do you handle bad referee calls that impact the match in say, tennis or football?

          • F1 is the only sport I watch. Stopped watching football some 10 years ago when diving became so prevalent that it ruined my enjoyment of the sport.

          • Cyrus Purvis Jr. says:

            Judging by his pitifully poor 2022 record, Lewis hasn’t recovered since he lost in 2021. I guess it wasn’t the car after all.

  • Is it that disrespectful to say Hamilton was “robbed” (caveat, Ted didn’t say by who). 6 laps before Horner said they need a miracle, and if the saftey car rules are followed then he wins. It fitted Ted’s awful film metaphor anyway. He was more disrespectful to Checo this race when he declared “he can’t catch Hamilton because he isn’t as good”.

    Anyway I’ve never seen the love for Ted, I never see the need to cut to the pit lane to hear that a Mclaren has pitted but I can’t see what tyres they’ve got. Cheers Ted.

    • The championship was lost when Lewis binned it at Imola, Baku. Playing the blame game is sad and pathetic.

      • And yet still it came down to if the safety critical rule of “the safety car will return to the pits at the end of the next racing lap after lapped cars unlapping themselves” being completely disregarded for Verstappen to win. Crazy isn’t it?

      • And yet still it came down to if the safety critical rule of “the safety car will return to the pits at the end of the next racing lap after lapped cars unlapping themselves” being completely disregarded for Verstappen to win. Crazy isn’t it?

    • Maybe if he says it once. But repeatedly…. and it wasn’t just that. He also kept referring to max as “that guy” and basically said he only won this year because of the car
      “the guy that beat him after being robbed actually overtook him, because he’s got a quicker car, because of engineering and Formula One and design, and pretty much because of [Adrian Newey, Red Bull’s design guru] over there.”
      Oh after Japan Ted also said that max can’t win on his own (after Leclerc penalty in Japan closed the WDC) I mean max would have won it anyway in US if not in Japan. That comment was so not needed

      • Nathan Stretch says:

        Yeah, exactly. Hamilton was lucky to be in the position to win, but was still robbed in the last race. By Masi, not Verstappen. And regardless of all that, the commentary was disrespectful and inappropriate for commentators who should be largely unbiased.

  • I just want to say that Sky is NOT the world feed. They get the world feed and add a layer of their own on top, including Brundle’s pit walk, Kravitz and their own race commentary. The official F1 streamed coverage is the world feed. They provide multiple languages and, as befits the commercial rights holder, are not parochial.

  • “I’m boycotting them because Ted isn’t afraid to tell the truth about my tainted title that I neither earned nor deserved!”

      • I wasn’t talking shit, though? I was merely mocking a pathetic fraud for his idiotic reaction to the truth. Not sure how I “hide” behind a screen, either… I’m sitting in front of it.

        Ah Max fans, you are uniquely, and exclusively, a pack of absolute morons 😀

    • See that is the difference. As an anonymous troll, you can say what you want. But a broadcaster on TV has more responsibility. And maybe if he lived up to his responsibility, trolls like you would have more common sense in their reactions

      • You seem very ignorant of what a troll is. A troll is someone who says something they do not believe specifically to get a rise out of people. All I am doing is mocking the foolish reaction of a fraud WDC to hearing the truth.

        Also, not really anonymous, either.

    • Max and RB have every right to be upset. Lewis was absolutely robbed, no doubt. but that doesn’t mean that Max didn’t earn the title. He’s not the one who made the call, he took advantage of the situation like every driver should/would. Multiple things can be true at the same time.

      Sky/Ted need to apologize and clarify. This saga needs to end.

      • I mean, he didn’t earn it though. He didn’t have to do anything wrong to not earn it. There’s no such thing as deserving a WDC, it doesn’t matter if you were the better driver (which Max wasn’t) all season, you don’t have any rights to that title until you earn enough points legitimately to take it. Max didn’t do that.

        • Alright then. For the pure sake of argument, say AD was considered illegitimate. You can’t just hand it to Lewis, that’s not fair to Max. Max still wins. Equal on points, Max had more wins. Max earned the title.

          • Its not fair to Lewis to give his championship to Max. What is fair on Max is irrelevant. There is 0 reason to nullify the entire race, it is within the rules to void the final lap, that is all that is necessary. It was run illegally, it should be voided.
            “more wins”
            No, he didnt. They were “even” on wins going into the final, and only because of the farce that was Spa. Were rules followed, Max would be 2 wins down on Lewis.

          • I just went back and counted again. Max had 9 wins, Lewis had 8. You can check the official standings for that.

          • Spa – not a race. Max on 8.
            Abu Dhabi – Lewis wins if the race director doesnt cheat. Lewis 9, Max 8.

            Official standings also put Max as champion, because the official stance is to ignore the fact that the race director cheated, and the last lap was run illegitimately.

            Official does not mean correct.

    • what about the rest of the truth? the truth that when you look at the entirety of last season where Hamilton made unforced errors that cost him at least 50 points? I mean, it was mighty nice of the guy to neutralize himself in Baku after Max had a tire failure. and then to go sliding off the track at Imola when passing a back marker. and then again in Turkey when he overruled his team and chose to stay on his intermediate tires too long. or maybe we can talk about his poor performance in Monaco when his teammate did so well? how about being out qualified by a Williams at Spa?

      you already know all these things, but choose to ignore them because to acknowledge them would be to acknowledge that Max did indeed deserve to win and Lewis deserved second.

      • errors are a part of every season. That bears absolutely nothing on the fact that cheating is what got Max the title. Despite all those errors you listed, and the objective reality which is that Max was gifted in the stewards room, Hamilton was still on course to win the title as he is objectively the faster driver. And then the race director CHEATED to make max champ.

        • Cyrus Purvis Jr. says:

          Lewis lost in 2021 and will again in 2022.
          Desperation from his small gaggle of fanboys aside, there’s nothing they
          can do about it but vainly hope for a miracle.

  • Ross Macfarlane says:

    Here’s hoping the boycott continues indefinitely as the coverage is greatly improved without the RB constant victimhood behaviour. Free speech (that’s not hate speech) is something to be defended, not want banning.

    • Cyrus Purvis Jr. says:

      Sky’s coverage is tiresome with too many hyper partisan chattering Englishmen who love the sound of their own voices and have nothing to add above praising their countrymen. It makes them the laughing stock outside of their homeland where their kin appear to be blissfully ignorant of their butt kissing hilarity.

  • Max pulled off one of the feats of all sporting history of any sport in Abu Dhabi 2021. All legal, otherwise Max would not be the 2021 champ. Hamilton fans, all of the British team at Sky Sports, specially Ted K and Damon Hill, still can’t get over it.

    • I mean, it wasn’t all legal, we know this based on the official findings. but it wasn’t Max or RB’s fault, so he keeps the championship he earned. Lewis was robbed, but Max didn’t steal it. Max earned it.

      • Lewis wasn’t robbed. He made so many errors over the entire season that allowed the human error of the race director to interfere with his 8th WDC.

        off the top of my head, Lewis mistakes that cost him last year:

        Baku, Imola, Monaco, Turkey. there were a few others too, but he threw away massive points over the entire season, and had he not made those mistakes, it wouldn’t have mattered what Latifi did in the final race.

        Max on the other hand, he had a few DNF that were not of his own fault (predominantly at least) and one that was predominantly deemed his fault, otherwise he finished every race last season in first or second, and in the last race, he drove well enough to be in a position to fight on the last lap. anyone who says Lewis was robbed is not at all being honest with themselves about last season.

        • A few things: 1. yes, Lewis made mistakes. That doesn’t change the fact that if the race director didn’t make the error, Lewis would have (almost definitely) won the WDC, even with those mistakes.

          2. Lewis lost a race in large part because the race director made an error. That is him ‘being robbed.’ But that doesn’t mean that Max’s win was stolen. It’s not an either or thing, both can be (and are) true. Massive respect to Max for unseating one of the GOATs.

          3. There is a lot of disrespect for Max and Lewis that comes from different sides of this sport. It’s totally fine to have an opinion and to support a driver. But the disrespect is not okay. To be clear, I don’t think you are being disrespectful, I just disagree with you lol. But we can clearly see it all over the internet and in the races themselves. And on Sky.

          • Nathan Stretch says:

            Not that anyone seems to be listening, but I appreciate you trying to explain this! Lewis was robbed in the last race. By Masi, not by Verstappen. Verstappen raced the better season and deserved to win, but Lewis had a good season too—you can argue that he made more mistakes throughout, but he would have fairly won without Masi ignoring the rules around safety car restarts in the last race. That’s the robbery people are talking about; it’s not saying Max did anything wrong or didn’t “deserve” to win. Both things can be true.

            All that said, I agree that the commentators shouldn’t be effectively cheering for one driver, and it’s probably not appropriate for them to be saying that Lewis was robbed at this point, true though it might be.

          • Lol thanks! I’m 100% not expecting anyone to listen lol, but sometimes stuff needs to be said even if no one is listening. I do agree, it’s not okay for a commentator to be saying that. Sky is pretty clearly biased, which is really frustrating. I really appreciate Martin, Jenson, Anthony, and Natalie though, and I’m not quite ready to give up the nostalgia factor of Crofty and Ted.

  • At the, end of the day, everyone knows Lewis Hamilton won lasts years championship. the FIA are a disgrace by not reversing the decision. So quite frankly Christian Horner and Max will just have to suck it up. while this year they have won on Merit and deserve it – last year will forever be a stain on them. while im not the biggest Lewis Hamilton fan , he is and behaves in the upmost professional way, especially after last year, after that he has my utmost respect. So with the fact that the race win was clearly manipulated and no one has the balls to say it, and the comments “we must move on and not look back” are all very good if its in your favor. So No im sorry, i and most F1 fans will never forget what happened last year , or if your a long term F1 fan the fact the Michael Schumacher cheated at least one championship when he deliberately crashed in Damon Hill. We all know it and was allowed to get away with it. So years on this has an effect on records…..

    • Jermaine Smit says:

      News flash he didn’t win 2021, and that is down to him and his team. I find it funny how you guys just think f1 2021 was 1 race and 1 race only.
      Lewis Imola binned it himself, Had a SHIT ton of luck with the red flag allowing his car to be fixed, and unlap himself!
      Then we have Baku, messed it up himself after Max basically only needed to bring it home,
      then we have Silverstone, which 100% was on Lewis under steering into Max,
      or the Bottas bowling the race after, and of course bahrian, Lewis outside the white line the whole time, Max does it: hand it back Max.
      Max deserved the 2021 title more then Lewis.

      • Totally see your point, but the win came down to the last race, it was the best F1 season for a long time, if Max had legitimately won the race, no problem i would have been happy for him and the team. ~but to win like that, sorry totally unsporting – i still think the FIA are a disgrace for allowing it, i still think they did an under the table deal with Mercedes to shut them up. we will, never know…

    • You can say the same about Hamiston 2008 championship won only because of Singapore’s crashgate, and I don’t see anyone keep saying how Massa was robbed

    • I’m a Lewis fan. He didn’t win the championship. Max did. Lewis has handled it incredibly professionally. We can show that respect by respecting that Max did win it. Yes, Abu Dhabi was a disgrace and it sucks that Max won that way. Max deserved better than that. But he took advantage of the situation he was put in, which is what he was supposed to do. What happened isn’t his fault. I don’t think the statement ‘Lewis was robbed’ is wrong, but it needs to be followed with, ‘Max still won on merit and it sucks that the championship ended that way’

    • Cyrus Purvis Jr. says:

      Lewis lost in 2021 and will again in 2022. Get used to it.

      Desperation from his small gaggle of fanboys aside, there’s nothing they
      can do about it but vainly hope for a miracle. Without a great car, he’s nobody.

  • Arnoud van Houwelingen says:

    It’s not just about what he said about “Hamilton being robbed” but he also didn’t name Max and only calling him “this guy” which caught my attention. Also his fantasy about imagine this “walhalla” scenario that Lewis would have won the US GP how wonderful that would be .. i thought that was very strange and also he said that Max only won this WDC because of Adrian Newey. Very disrespectful towards Max. I never heard him say that Lewis won all his WDC’s with Mercedes because of the engine department or the car designer of Mercedes. SkySports is an international broadcaster and not just for the British market so they have to be not be overly biased towards a driver at least. I get it that as a UK journalist you are more a fan of Lewis but this was a bit too much!

  • Marc Baptista says:

    Brindle is an ace. The others love the gossip -And the constant, constant MPH reference instead of KMPH. Really archaic. It’s a global sport. 90% of the planet use kilometers. Apart from Libya, Burma, USA, UK & Lesotho…

    • yes, Brundle adds a breath of fresh air to the commentary as a regular feature of the show.

      Button and Rosberg also are very refreshing in the midst of Croft and Kravitz, but they are not full time.

      the simplest solution is do a swap, make Button and Rosberg full time commentary, and bring in Croft and Kravitz for European races only.

      • Can’t do that with Rosberg, he’s not vaccinated, so he’s banned from the paddock.

        I’d love to see Pinkham get more time on air tbh. I still like the energy that Crofty and Ted bring, even though the bias is really frustrating. But I also like the dynamic of one driver and one layperson. I think it can make things more accessible.

  • I have ESPN and can watch the sky broadcast for free but have opted to pay extra to watch f1 TV just because I can’t stand the sky commentators anymore.

  • Completely agree! My wife and I love watching the racing, but end up turning the sound down low enough that we do not have to listen to the British Muppets blather on….

  • Unpopular opinion: Max deciding to stop talking to sky sports because he knows he won last year title unfairly when the race director chose to change the rules to benefit h instead of the sport in general. He wants people to forget about last year and look at his season this year where he has finally managed to win a word championship fairly (albeit with a cost cap breach as well).

    • Or, perhaps, he is right to be frustrated about the continual disrespect. AD 2021 is the race that will never end, it seems.

      We can be critical of the race director’s decisions and know that what happened was unfair to Lewis, but also unfair to Max, because it’s put him in this position through no fault of his own. To see your name dragged through the mud for something that wasn’t your fault?

  • bhargav pavuluri says:

    Sky sports F1 turned me from someone who disliked verstappan till 2020 to verstappan fan in 2022. Thank you sky your toxicity towards him made me realise how idiotic I was. Now I don’t mind if he dominates until 2026

  • S Tier – Brundle, Button
    A Tier – Rosberg, Chandhok
    B Tier – Pinkham, Paul Di Resta
    C Tier – Kravitz*, Croft*
    D Tier – Davidson, Lazenby, Schiff
    E Tier – Hill
    F Tier – Herbert

    *Kravtiz and Croft are good at what they do. Croft provides energic play by play that is underappreciated, and while Kravitz’s contributions to the main broadcast are near nil, his notebooks provide a behind the scenes view that you don’t get elsewhere. Still, the bias is a bit hamfisted at times with the two of them. Paul Di Resta isn’t anything special, but is a breath of fresh air within in the context of all the British cheerleading. Brundle and Button are the best, insightful, neutral, willing to speak truth to power.

    On the whole I am like many and generally enjoy the Sky broadcast, but the bias can get a bit much at times. The F1TV broadcast isn’t terrible, and I do think their technically oriented hosts are great, but I find their colour commentary lacking a bit of personality.

    • I agree with you (almost entirely, but we all have preferences in terms of broadcasters lol. I also like Di Resta and Pinkham more.)

      I completely agree about the F1TV broadcast. I love the technical stuff, but I find myself missing some of the energy and excitement.

  • Jeffery Males says:

    I can’t afford to go to a Grand-prix weekend, But if I’ve got a particular grudge w/someone, (The FIA), I would confront them facve-Face.(If Possible). That being said, the way that they finished the last race in 2021, did rob Lewis, of his 8th Championship. (I’m no fan of Lewis, as I’m w/Williams). But Max is right, about social media, being dangerous, & I believe that commentator’s should leave their individual beliefs @ home. (I know it’s hard to do @ times, but when you’re in the public eye, it’s more important). That being said, Red-Bull, & Max, shouldn’t snub the entire Fox team, because of one person.

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