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Verstappen Had A Whole Bunch Of Issues With His Car Before Shock Retirement

Max Verstappen’s got 99 problems, and it sounds like his RB18 was responsible for a lot of them at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Long before his shock retirement with two laps to go, the reigning champ was forced to deal with a succession of issues, including overheating brakes and damaged steering. 

Butting heads with his engineers over their decision not to let him push on his out laps, Max believes their call cost him two chances to jump Charles Leclerc when the Ferrari changed tyres.

To add to his frustrations, he found himself struggling with steering problems and Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner revealed that the cause wasn’t the kerbs – but their own pit stop damaging his trackrod.

“When the car got dropped off the jacks at the last pitstop, that made the car inconsistent between left and right,” Horner noted. “He did a great job with that. It wasn’t a safety concern. It was just very uncomfortable for him.”

However, it was the final two laps where everything imploded for Red Bull.

Max and Sergio Perez both suffered problems that cost them podium finishes, with the Dutchman remarking that “there was no fuel coming to the engine and basically, everything just turned off, so I rolled back into the pitlane”.

Although the team believe fuel supply to be behind the disaster that unfolded, they haven’t quite been able to put their finger on precisely what went wrong.

Not exactly, the season-opener Red Bull wanted as they leave Bahrain with no championship points!

Will this double retirement come back and haunt Red Bull? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

15 thoughts on “Verstappen Had A Whole Bunch Of Issues With His Car Before Shock Retirement

  • Alberto M. Neto says:

    2021 last GP: Masi: “Lapped cars not allowed to overtake SC”. Horner: “We just need one lap Michael”. Masi: “Lapped cars in front of Verstappen allowed to overtake SC”. Masi: “SC allowed to return to pit without lapped cars have time to rejoin the pack”. Toto: “Noooooooooooo Michael, nooooooooooooooooooooo!”

    2022: FIA: “Masi, you are fired”.

    2022 first GP: No Masi = 2 RBR retirements, in one lap!!!

    Disclaimer: Engines and others systems are exactly the same as 2021, only body aero and tires/wheels are different. What happened Red Bull?

    Masi joined as race director in 2019, same year FIA penalized Ferrari for cheating with their engine in 2018. Now, 2022, Masi gone, Ferrari 1-2 first race lol.

    Masi, enjoy your Civic Type R in your retirement, and whatever they paid you to stole Ferrari performance for 3 years to punish for one.

    Horner, try to work now on your car, not on race directors to win.

    Time, as always, shows the reason of things.

    • Michiel Bijlsma says:

      Dumbest comment by far here, I think.
      Why don’t you read what actually happened to both the Red Bulls and who supplied the part that failed, for multiple teams throughout the weekend, to ALL teams this year?
      Indeed, nothing with the engines changed .. and that wasn’t the problem.

    • Kenny Phillips says:

      The fuel changed; it’s E10, and I would imagine that’s the problem. Hot alcohol makes a lot of vapour. So there’s your answer. Also, everything else you wrote is quite ignorable.

      • Alberto M. Neto says:

        10% of alcohol makes a lot of vapor! hahahahahah only on Honda/Red Bull engines lol

        Abstinent engines I suppose lol

        Yeah, it’s ignorable if you don’t live by facts. I just write what happened. If Masi did so right, he should have been promoted, not fired hahahahahahah

        75% of RedBull/Honda engines failed the first weekend after Masi is gone, and engines are all the same as 2021. Ferrari first 1-2 since 2018. Masi hired 2019 when Ferrari was punished.

        Just coincidences of course.

    • Lucas Bonino says:

      If you think the engines are the same, it only proves that you don’t understand anything from F1. All manufacturers claimed that E10 fuel was the biggest change since 2014 new hybrid PU. And you still state that these units are the same from last year? It’s a complete joke

      • Alberto M. Neto says:

        Yeah, try E10 on a Gas car, it will catch fire, explode or break down….. NOT !!!

        Go play with Lego Racing kid

        • Lucas Bonino says:

          Indeed not, but it will corrode literally everything on the fuel line. Not to mention the considerable temperature difference.

          Go learn simple things about car mechanics before say anything about things you don’t understand.

  • Aero Casper says:

    again, it is never max’s, constant issues, for everyone else it was smooth sailing, while max was driving a uphill race, oh how hard it is on young max… come on, it is always some stupid excuse… I remember very well watching THE Imola race, only missing a handfull of races since then, never I have heard of this kind of damage done in pitstop??? learn to take defeat like a man…

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