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Verstappen Has Huge Rant About How FIA ‘Don’t Care’ About Driver Feedback

It definitely wasn’t the session Max Verstappen would’ve wanted in Hungary. An issue with his car left him with no, or very little, power meaning he’ll start tomorrow’s race from P10 😮

Although having a car that isn’t working at its best is far from ideal, it was actually track limits which had the reigning World Champion all worked up after the session was over. 

His teammate, Sergio Perez, had his lap time deleted during qualifying for exceeding track limits at Turn 5, only for the lap to be reinstated moments later after the Stewards found he had in fact stayed within the lines.

Speaking to media including The Race, Verstappen wasn’t afraid to speak his mind on the popular talking point, claiming the drivers were being treated like a “bit like [they] are amateurs”. Yikes.

“Drivers as well last year said we had to be more clear and strict on what we were going to chase on track limits,” Max stated.

“But for example last night they started talking about Turn 13, the exit, that the line was the track edge. But there’s a kerb and a white line next to it, which to me personally is the track edge. 

“We just have so many silly little things which also make it more difficult for them to police. 

“I don’t know, as drivers we always want to help and give our advice but nothing is heard. 

“For me that’s extremely frustrating. I don’t want to fight with them, I just want to advise them but they don’t really care and they actually, for my feeling, look at us a bit like we are amateurs and I don’t think that’s correct.

“Most of the time when you look at onboard cameras the camera is on the wrong side so the angle almost looks like you’re off but sometimes you’re not, you’re still on. 

“So it’s very hard and I think we can do ourselves a favour by making it a lot easier by adding a bit of gravel on the exit or whatever. 

“Like Austria, for example, why do we need track limits in a turn [Turn 6] where there’s naturally gravel and even if you go out by this much you will penalise yourself if you go wide or if you go there you damage the floor anyway so your car’s going slower? 

“They just make it super-hard for themselves. Of course people say ‘yeah, just stay within the white line’ but that’s easier said than done. But then again, what I said about this total line as well, it’s just so confusing…”

It’s not the first time we’ve heard a driver complain about track limits, which were meant to be made simpler at the start of the 2022 season. 

Do you agree with Max’s viewpoint? Let us know in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Verstappen Has Huge Rant About How FIA ‘Don’t Care’ About Driver Feedback

  • Why don’t the FIA put small rear-facing cameras in the endplates of the front wing? It’s the widest part of the car so it would be perfect for accurate track limit violations spotting. I’m sure all teams could pull something like off.

    • That makes sense so they’d never go for it, you have to remember who you’re talking about.
      I see the problem like this; far too often the “FIA and common sense” are mutually exclusive.

    • Lyndon Shaw says:

      Camera’s add weight which the teams do not want a lot of to make them more efficient and quicker, so instead of onboard camera’s they need to have fixed camera’s at the corners around the circuits to mitigate the extension/violation of the track limits.

      There maFIA, fixed your issue in less than 10 seconds.

  • Sam Douglas says:

    All the track limits will be easier stuff was just bs. This really needs a proper fix and quick

    • No, going all out would be what James Hunt, Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet, or any driver not belonging to this era would do. Today drivers are afraid of getting fined by the FIA and cancelled by woke fans if they say or do something that’s just a tiny bit out of line. It’s the worst time to be an F1 driver today.

  • Jason Bourke says:

    The fact they took away Sergio’s lap just to reinstate it says it all to me. Between that and waiting until after quali at Austria to delete his lap time just makes them look completely useless.

  • This steward thing must be stopped if they can not find ex driver that competen, not game simulator developer. This is real life not F1 game console. I know they love F1 and played F1 game … But this is not game, just wake up and see the real world

  • Garethhope80 says:

    “ Of course people say ‘yeah, just stay within the white line’ but that’s easier said than done.”

    Yes Max, that’s why you’re the best drivers in the world… surely that’s your job??? Someone tells you what the track is, you drive within in it as quick as you can. If you can’t stay in the track, you’re going too quick for the conditions.

  • Markus Deux says:

    Convoluted rulesets, questionable officiating, the athlete’s opinions and concerns not being entertained… Liberty Media has almost completed the Americanization of F1. What a shame.

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