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Verstappen Is Refusing To Speak To Sky Sports Over Comments Ted Kravitz Made

“Two secs, Ted”: a famous phrase amongst F1 fans. And if you’re a Max Verstappen fan, you might want to consider altering your personal version of it to “never again, Ted.”

Like us, you’re probably quite partial to ‘The Notebook’. No, not the 2004 romcom starring Ryan Gosling. I am, of course, referring to Ted Kravitz’s post-race show, where he presents a round-up of the day’s events.

During the opening part of his monologue following the US Grand Prix last weekend, Ted likened the race to that of a Hollywood script. In his analogy, he set the scene by opening a can of worms labelled ‘Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021’…

“I like today’s script… Seven-time World Champion goes into final race trying to be the greatest of all time and win Championship, gets robbed, comes back, his next year’s car is rubbish… Doesn’t win a race all year, and then finally comes back at a track where he could win the first race all year, is battling with the same guy who won the race that he was robbed in the previous year and manages to finish ahead of him.”

Essentially, what Ted was pointing out was that, following the controversy of last year’s season finale, it was a spicy prospect to see Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton fighting on track again at this year’s US Grand Prix.

The only issue is that it seems Ted has rather managed to reignite the very flame of controversy he was remarking upon.

It would appear that Verstappen’s camp caught wind of his first World Title being framed as a ‘robbery’, and now they’re boycotting Sky.

Oh dear!

Do you understand why Max doesn’t want to talk to Sky, or do you think it’s all a bit of an overreaction?

58 thoughts on “Verstappen Is Refusing To Speak To Sky Sports Over Comments Ted Kravitz Made

  • I’m not partial to the notebook and his comments were embarrasing. I don’t blame Max for not wanting to do interviews when people like Ted and the Sky broadcast team have thinly veiled disdain for him. Or like Brundle saying how Max isn’t the best driver and that you can put others like George and Charles in the category with him. George, who hasn’t won anything or Charles who can’t stop crashing from the lead.

  • It’s not just last week’s notebook, ted has been salty and disrespectful all season. And the digs and narrative against max Already began last year, when Max was identified as a thread to Hamilton’s championship

    • Gordo Sixtytwo says:

      Exactly right. Kravitz has displayed repeatedly that he doesn’t think Verstappen deserves his championships. Yet Kravitz didn’t complain about LH WDC when Mercedes was the most dominant car.
      The bias is obvious.

      • Your facts are so wrong!! Lol kravitz has every right to his opinions of last year’s title giveaway! Ted is completely right about the fact max did not deserve that championship because he was granted it by masi! And why would Ted complain about Lewis’s titles ? Lewis deserved every ounce of his championships. Lewis was not granted his titles by the FIA! He earned it! Max had to have help to win that title.. and that is undeserving.. so think before you speak!

        • Gordo Sixtytwo says:

          The trouble with you Hamilton fans is that you constantly seek to belittle Verstappen. You all did it in 2021, and are doing it again in 2022.

        • Cameron Black says:

          Mercedes assisted with writing 2014 regs. Hamilton moved in 2013 knowing he wld have the fastest car next year. And by jove he did. He then dominated using this car that had been made using a loophole written into the rules. So that car was likely a little bit shady as well. However Hamilton was brilliant throughout the last decade and deserved multiple championship wins. FIA were terrible last year and also this year. Max has deserved both titles but the FIAs lack of ability cost lewis a title last year which he also deserved. As a max fan it wasn’t the right way to win it, but it was still deserved as, for me, he and Hamilton both deserved that championship so whoever lost would feel hard done by. Also yes Ted is entitled to his opinion but should probably refrain from slandering a big name in f1 who is known to not really care about the media side of things, as this was always going to happen

        • Well max did deserve the tiltle no doubt about that. What makes more sense is saying that Lewis should have won it based on the race up until that point. Max had to be good enough all season to even be in a position where what happened in Abu Dhabi would benefit him.

        • Stephen Jones says:

          Well toto said max deserved the title and won it with a slower car . I think he knows more than you babeys it’s over get over it

        • Let’s think about this, Silverstone, you push your rivel out, and get a poor penalty and win the race. Fast forward to last race, you simply pit against your rivel and beat them on track… And you think this is wrong?

        • Robert Nigel Deuchar says:

          Fact is Silverstone, a front wheel can accept much more lateral damage than a rear wheel, so you tape a rear wheel in the highest speed corner, with your front wheel, and really send someone with High speed into the barrier. I was an absolute fan of Hamilton until then, The comments made by Kravitz real name Slotover (a more Dutch name you cannot imagine) were so bias that he should have joined Chris Cuomo at CNN, (he was fired for being the biggest bigot ever employed by CNN) maybe he is giving Max a hard time due to his heritage.

  • Gordo Sixtytwo says:

    Kravitz also commented in Austin that Verstappen can’t win in a normal way, referring to 2022. No sympathy for Kravitz. He is a clown.

    • He’s no clown! You’re the clown lol kravitz speaks facts! Max can’t win normally because number 1 his car is overpowered ! Because redbull are cheaters – and winning in a cheating car that has had more money spent on than any other team is cheating!! So no.. max can’t win in a normal way! Get with the programme man!

      • Dr Prometheus says:

        So if his car is overpowerd; how about the Mercedes who was that for 8 years? That is ok?

        But then again i should not discuss further with idiots, as you will probaly defeat me with your experience. 🤐

        • Don’t you know the logic that imbecile Merc fans use :
          Merc dominating for 8 years = Lewis is a legend
          Vettel/Max/Red Bull dominating = Its all due to Adrian Newey and the car and anyone could win in that car.

          Some classic hyprocritical shit they spout.

      • car is overpowered=RB did a great job developing the car. Remember Merc in 2014. F1 is a team sport, RB is doing amazing as a team. We have to respect that.

      • Yeah Lewis had 6 champions where he was against his own team mate, so exciting, 0.5secs Infront of the rest of the field, team mate obeying team orders, he had those races handed to him , Ferrari were caught doing dodgy shit with there fuel.

      • Nah, he’s a fat clown alright. Its a compliment. Once the racing is done, its fun to see this ridiculous clown in the paddock talking nonsense while the teams are trying to get actual work done. Funny guy.

  • Its really disgusting to see that entire Sky Sports army ( Ted, Martin and others) is hell bent on defaming Max and still sulking in 2021 Abu Dhabhi , while even Lewis and Toto seemed to have moved on from 2021. Ted and Sky Sports feel it is birth right of Lewis to win every title as long as he desires to be in F1.

    Sky Sports used to spit toxic venom against Vettel each and every weekend when he was at Ferrari especially in 2017 and 18 when he was fighting against Lewis, and now they are doing it against Max.

    Appreciate Max’s decision to boycott Sky Sports. They deserve it.

    • Not sulking!! They all know max is undeserving dude!! He did not earn that title. It was given to him! Max will go down In history as the cheapest champion of all time lol

      • If you feel safety car was unfair, then Lewis not giving back the position at the start of the race was also unfair. Silverstone, Hungary was also unfair. Bahrain changing the track limit rules in the middle of the race was also unfair. Just move on. Don’t let Max occupy free space in your head.

      • Dr Prometheus says:

        Why is it, that when a non-brittisch driver is succesfull, the largest part of the vocal brittisch media/fans are trying to look non-brittisch drivers bad? See Alonso, Vettel, Schumacher…

        • I’m from England and I’ve only ever supported max verstappen, I don’t care about British drivers I only have ever liked max, and now that he is winning champion’s ☺️, obviously there are idiot fans who just support there country, but not all of us do

      • Just because Abu Dhabi was a disgrace to the sport doesn’t mean that Max didn’t earn the title. We can acknowledge that what happened was not okay without taking anything away from how well Max did. It was unfair for him to have been put in that position, but he did exactly what he should of done and won.

      • Your clearly an idiot with an opinion like that, The fact that Lewis smashed his rival off the track, Max’s car has been reducing in performance making it harder and harder to win, all the way to the last race. There was no chance of winning until a bit of luck, they took the gamble, pitted… Lewis could have pitted twice and still would have ended up either Infront or just behind, they chose not to pit… The FIA should have red flagged, or they should have moved all the cars like 2 laps before they did… At the end of the day it’s not red bull that fucked up, they did everything correct, the FIA fucked up the TIMING, and that is all,

      • Tinnekke Bebout says:

        No: reporters state facts. Stating feelings or opinions is editorializing.
        Stirring s**t is not reporting.

          • Arbitrary Alias says:

            No… saying someone was “robbed” of a title is not factual. Unless Max broke into Lewis’s hotel room and took it that would be factual.

          • Alfred Stephen says:

            Is it fact if a Dutch reporter says Max was robbed of Silverstone GP victory in 2021 because a thug purposely put him in a wall, could’ve taken his life, and only get 10 penalty instead of disqualification? Abu Dhabi and Silverstone 2021 is the result of human interpretation of a human-written rule. The fact is Max Verstappen is 2021 Formula One World Champion and trying to mask personal bias behind the veil of journalism is despicable.

    • This is sport, not politics. The reporter does not have to be neutral. You will find that all sport reporter favour their own nationality, if you look.

      • And Max and Christian have every right to speak to whoever they want, or not to speak if that’s what they want.

  • boo hoo

    red bull talks the most crap, files the most complaints for years and at the same time is a bunch of softies.

  • So frustrating that this is happening (on all sides). Ted’s not wrong, Lewis was robbed. But that doesn’t mean Max stole the title. Max earned it. Lewis also earned it. Ted needs to apologize and clarify. Respect for Max for being a two time world champion. And Lewis was robbed.

  • He is a self in tilted little prix, filthy driver. Iv not seen worse driving as of 2021. There’s hard racing then wtf do you call 21. And he gets rewarded title for it. Racing ban should of been for monza or Singapore. Plus the team cheat as well. Again get rewarded for there efforts. Redbull and max have turned the sport into a joke. Fuck the FIA. Fuck redbull, fuck verstappern. Hope he hits a tree. horner you scum. Geri is all the punishment you need. Walking std.

    • As someone who doesn’t like Verstappen all that much: This comment is atrocious and unacceptable. This is crossing a line. Delete this comment and take a step back from the internet for a while.

    • Cameron Black says:

      Dude calm down. max deserved last year’s title too. the FIA have turned the sport into a joke, not redbull or poor old max who just shows up and gets given a fast car which he drives quicker than anyone else. Not their fault. FIA should do better.

  • Last year I started wishing for a US broadcaster to take over our commentary in the states because of this kind of thing, but ESPN (rebroadcasting Sky) got their contract renewed til 2025.

    • If you watch Formula E in the US, you’ll see why that’s not necessarily the greatest idea lol

      Edit: no problem with any one person or anything. The coverage is just in general awful. including ad breaks during the race.

      • There had been rumors about them considering ads for F1 too, which would suck. Given how much more expensive broadcast rights are for F1 than FE, I think NBC or whoever (netflix and amazon were also bidding?) would put in more effort if they got the chance.

  • People still saying verstappen did not deserve that championship because of one but of bad luck for Lewis, well if Lewis won guess what would have given him the title? His teammate taking out half the field in Hungary including max… Max’s pirelli’s exploding in Baku… Hamilton making a mistake in Silverstone… And no one with any racing experience can say that Silverstone was verstappen’s fault, lewis misjudged the corner and it gained him an extra 7 points and lost verstappen 25 based on the pace of the weekend. Hornet’s comments about Lewis sticking a wheel up the inside were wrong, it wasn’t in itself a dangerous move as demonstrated by Hamilton himself on Leclerc later on in the race, Lewis missed his apex by quite a margin which he didn’t with Leclerc, that’s the difference, also after the collision Lewis ran wide of the exit so he was always planning to push verstappen far off the track. I’ve forgotten what I was talking about and I can’t scroll up to read it on mobile so I’ll just conclude that Lewis had the luck all year, and also failed to take advantage of it by not winning in Hungary etc. He would have won the championship if he just won Hungary, people have taken the one thing that was out of lewis’ control and ignored the many things that were in his control, whilst also ignoring all the many many things that were not in max’s control that lost him easily 40 points

  • if Ted and Sky Hamilton Mercedes AMG F1 Sports have the right to call RBR and Max names, then RBR/Max also have the right to not to talk to them. Who has the time to include biased, negative & toxic elements in their lives??
    Its a free world and Sky has other 9 other teams they can speak to and RBR can focus on the racing. Its that simple.

  • Sidney Geneste says:

    Brad Pitt did not want to talk to Kravitz, this weekend RedBull and Max not to Kravitz. Others keep it short. The reporter lost respect due to his style and commentary over the past monts. Time to go!

  • What reeeaaaaally bugs me in all these discussions is that people only look at what happened in the last lap of the last race. Looking at the entire season, Max is a well deserved champion. Would Hamilton be? No. Because they ran an illegal rear wing in the last 4 races except Abu Dhabi. People somehow forget his top speed magically increased by A LOT and suddenly this advantage was gone in the last race. And ooooh what a magical drive in Brazil. Ja… with massive illegal overspeed. Then what pisses me off is Mercedes crying RBR budget bla bla. They put in a gazillion new ICU’s in the second half of last year which is also ‘illegal’ and has penalties. So, they decide to deliberately breach the regulations because the benefit outweighs the penalty. Maybe, the same applies for the budget cap? (not suggesting RBR did anything deliberately)…

    Anyway. What people may not know, but is well known in the paddock is MB also drove with an expanding fuel line after the flow sensor for several seasons. People move around between teams and that’s how this information spreads, usually a year of 2 after it happens. So indeed I question some of the titles of MB + HAM.

    So, back on topic. If you are a reporter you should know the sport all the way. If you are so dumb and look only at the last lap of the last race and not recognize how great many of the races Max did that year were you aren’t an ‘expert’. I don’t think a reporter should be neutral per se, but he/she should be able to recognize and respect great performances.

    And yes, Hamilton is absolutely great. He is a deserved champion. But Max would outclass him with ease if in the same team. Because Max is faster, more consistent and mentally much more stable / resistant.

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