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Verstappen Says He Would ‘Absolutely’ Attempt Move That Caused Collision With Hamilton Again

Did anyone else get flashbacks to the 2021 season today? It gives me chills to even think about history repeating itself. The Hamilton vs Verstappen battle kept everybody on the edge of their seats, and my heart was in my mouth seeing the two of them go side by side into Turn 2 in Brazil 😱

The Red Bull’s pace was a shadow of its former self this weekend and with a similar story to yesterday in terms of tyres degrading quicker than they’d like and the overall performance just not being there.

But that didn’t stop Max Verstappen from battling with his 2021 rival. And I think we all saw what happened next coming, especially after the events of last season.

Verstappen is adamant that Hamilton didn’t leave him enough space going into Turn 2 and says, “I went round the outside in Turn 1 and when we were like… I just felt it. Soon as I was going next to him, he had no intention to leave me space.”

He continues, “I was like, okay if you don’t leave me space, we’re just going to collide, you know? At the end of the day, we were too slow anyway. For him, it ruined his chance to win the race.

“I thought after last year, we may be able to forget about it, and we can finally race.”

During the incident, Lewis spoke to his team on the radio and said, “that was no racing incident, mate.” Ah, memories.

The stewards investigated, and Max was given a 5-second time penalty for causing a collision, the officials stating that as he didn’t complete the pass at turn 1, his excess speed compromised his entry into turn 2, which caused the contact with Lewis.

Talking about the penalty, Verstappen said:, “I was surprised when I got the 5-second penalty. I was not upset. But, if you asked me would I do it again? Absolutely.”

Lewis, of course, had something different to say about the situation – though he kept his words on it to a minimum.

“What can I say? You know how it is with Max, so.” 😬

Do you think Max was at fault for the incident? Let us know in the comments. 

6 thoughts on “Verstappen Says He Would ‘Absolutely’ Attempt Move That Caused Collision With Hamilton Again

  • Max was clearly far enough alongside – as seen by ALL THREE of the photos above. All Hamilton had to do was leave even a HALF car-width of racing room and he would have won the race.

  • I think a major problem is that fans (as well as pundits and stewards) have learned to accept that yielding is somehow not an option for Max, only for other drivers. When Max doesn’t leave space and the other driver avoids the collision by running off the circuit people say that’s great, aggressive defense and doesn’t deserve a penalty (lap 1 Spain 2021, lap 1 Imola 2021, lap 1 Monza 2021, lap 48 Brazil 2021). When other drivers do the same thing to him and Max refuses to back out and the collision occurs people say Max was entitled to space (lap 1 Silverstone 2021, lap 26 Monza 2021, lap 6 Brazil 2022). This is wrong. If we’re going to penalize drivers from not leaving space, then we MUST penalize them every single time the other driver has to run off the circuit to avoid the collision. If you penalize them only when a crash occurs, you make it seems as if not leaving space is legal as long as the other driver yields. This second option is how fans and pundits handle Max incidents and it’s very bad for F1.

      • Max broke so late into turn one that he completely comprised his exit and therefore wouldn’t have made turns 2 and 3 (even after the collision he still ran wide). As far as he’s concerned though that doesn’t matter because he’s normally (not in this case because Hamilton held his line) forced the other driver to yield anyway. As they’ve had to bail out of the corner, their reduced speed means that they won’t be able to retake the position despite max’s inevitably poor exit/next corners.

  • I find it very strange/intresting to see, that when fighting with Russel, Leclerc e.t.c. everything goes perfect, and clean, but when HAM comes into play everything goes haywire?

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