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Verstappen Says His Qualifying Crash Wasn’t Caused By Driver Error

Verstappen had his second costly spin in two weeks in Bahrain as he dropped his Red Bull on the exit of Turn 2. However, unlike in Australia, this one dumped him into the wall, putting him out of qualifying.

Now we like to blame the current power units for a lot of the things that are currently bad about F1, and Max says it was the power unit that was to blame for his spin, and not a driver error.

“It was unfortunate. I studied the data a bit and saw we had a 150hp increase, which is a bit odd. The corner isn’t flat out, but it was like an on and off switch. It spun up the rear tyres quite aggressively and then I spun. I didn’t anticipate it at all. With 150hp extra, suddenly it went and when you are already on the limit it is quite a lot.”

Bad news for Max is good news for fans, though. Starting from down in 15th with what should be a pretty fast race car is surely a recipe for plenty of overtaking – especially if it rains, which it won’t, because it never rains in Bahrain, even though the country has the word ‘rain’ in it.

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