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Verstappen Says The Bahrain ‘Oval’ Is Not A Race Track

Discussing the Sakhir Grand Prix layout during a WTF1 Podcast, Max Verstappen and Alex Albon have been quite critical of the Bahrain ‘outer’ circuit and how it will put on a “fake show” for fans.

“We have had a couple of simulator guys already drive [the circuit]. I mean it’s alright, a bit different which I think is fun but that’s about it,” Albon said in the podcast. “I think we could have done better.”

However, Albon’s teammate Max was much more outspoken going on to say that “it’s not a track”.

“Just make it an oval. If you want to achieve something like that, just make it a proper oval.

“The track has very rough tarmac so very low grip, and that track gives us a lot of straights so we have to run with very low downforce. I mean it’s not going to be enjoyable, it will just be a drift-fest.

“I might just get some points for drifting.”

The Sakhir Grand Prix takes place on the Bahrain 'outer' circuit © XPB Images
The Sakhir Grand Prix takes place on the Bahrain ‘outer’ circuit © XPB Images



Talking about the shorter circuit F1 will race around this weekend, Verstappen and Albon shared their thoughts on the processional nature that will come with having such quick lap times. 

“People forget about DRS trains as well, when a DRS train starts that’s it. The overtaking sucks. It’s not fun if you’re defending every lap from the car behind but I don’t think it will be, I think it’s just different but I don’t care for it,” Albon said. 

It is a fake show,” Max continued. “It has some silly corners, it would be better to go to a go-karting track instead.”

11 thoughts on “Verstappen Says The Bahrain ‘Oval’ Is Not A Race Track

  • I don’t like that layout either. But this track is just another Monza track in a different shape, isn’t it?

    • Leonardo Poloni says:

      Monza has basically the same number of turns but with smaller straights. This is a big difference in terms MGU-K usage. Basically the batteries wont fill enough to reach max speed possible in all straights. This actually happens in Monza at the end of each lap. This will probably happen in every straight in Sakhir. In this case the teams will reduce drastically the downforce making the few curves very difficult to manage. I never drove this track on simulation, I’m just guessing. Also I think Max is overreacting a little bit.

  • Stefan Vis from Amsterdam says:

    Yes i am following Max, but they finally start to annoy me at Red Bull. Ok he might be right about the Mercedes, and also right about the track. But come on, think outside of the box if you want to be a champ. Yes its got three straights and a bit of a curvy thing. But you see now, its a different setup for this. High downforce, a little slower on the straights, but a lot faster in the snake, especially in the end of it, preventing a time penalty… These things is what F1 needs, not as entertainment for the people on the couch who think they are important, but for the drivers to show what they are made of and how adaptable you are. They choose to race, so please then choose to blame your own insights and not the challenge that F1 is bringing this year. Joke this joke that.
    To speak for myself, i love that pure speed without too much steering. Its old school. Demanding. Did you see Fittipaldi’s head coming forward every hard turn? He is not going to make it like that. Must be exhausting.

  • Albon who cares what you think you won’t be racing next year and max maybe you’d rather not be racing f1 did best they could this year to get the show on the road with what’s happening globally

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