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Verstappen Signs Huge New F1 Contract With Red Bull

He’s the reigning F1 world champion, and Red Bull Racing have been sure to lock down Max Verstappen for a VERY long time with a brand new contract extension. The deal that runs until 2028 is reportedly worth £40 million a year, with some media sources claiming it’s one of the biggest contracts the championship has ever seen.

Fancy lending us a fiver, Max? 🥺

Verstappen was already under contract with Red Bull until the end of 2023 but dropped hints over the Abu Dhabi weekend that he wanted to stay with the team for over a decade!

Well, his wishes have somewhat come true, and if he sticks to his contract, it will expire when the 24-year-old is 30 🤯

Although drivers’ salaries aren’t really publicly known, if the deal’s value is £40 million as reported, it could also see Max in the same salary cap as seven-time champ Lewis Hamilton.

What do you think of the new contract for Max? Let us know in the comments below.

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