Despite being a Formula One driver at 17, it turns out Max Verstappen is just your average teenager after all. First we found out he’ll be spending the summer break passing his driving test and now we’ve learned he’ll also be playing computer games.

Verstappen shared his awesome new gaming setup on his Instagram page but that’s not all, oh no…

Sim Racing team Team Redline has revealed that the Toro Rosso driver will be racing for them over the F1 summer break to keep his racing skills sharp.

“I enjoy simracing outside of Formula One,” said Max. “I’ve been working with Atze for a while already and of course with Team Redline and Fanatec I’ll be sharing the virtual track with the fastest simracers in the world which is a great test and the way I like it!”

(C) Team Redline
(C) Team Redline

So Max, fancy a game of Mario Kart later?