When WTF1 had Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen and Alex Albon on the podcast last month, talk turned to this weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix and the notorious ‘Turn 8’ that will be making a return. 

“Easy and boring,” Albon quickly answered when talking about Turn 8 at the Istanbul circuit, “it will be a boring corner nowadays.”

However, Albon’s teammate took it to another level suggesting the iconic corner could be taken flat-out and with your eyes closed.

Do you want to make a bet? I will go flat and I will show you that it was flat,” Verstappen said on the WTF1 Podcast.

“We will put it on the radio message,” Albon suggested. “Get a camera facing you and make sure you are wearing a clear visor to prove [your eyes are closed].”

The famous Turn 8 at Istanbul © F1
The famous Turn 8 at Istanbul © F1








Verstappen was keen to test it out in the simulator first before taking the idea to the track to see if it would work, which sounds a safe bet in all honesty.

“Let’s try this,” Max suggested before squinting into the camera. “Do you think my eyes are closed?”

Max and Alex continued to explain why they were looking forward to racing in Turkey; the circuit, the overtaking possibilities, oh and the kebabs.

“I think it is going to be good,” Verstappen said. 

“The layout itself is really very nice and fast but also what helps is a few cambered corners and long straights. The track is very wide as well. You can do a lot of different lines so you don’t have to get in the wake of the other cars in front of you.

“People already thought Mugello was very tough to overtake, but because the track in some place had the cambers you could run a little bit round the outside of the other cars, it seemed like that was helping a lot. I am expecting the same of Istanbul.”

“I agree,” Albon stated. “I think what is really important for racing is to do different lines and if you look at Turkey and the way it is laid out, it is good for overtaking.”

Max Verstappen with teammate Alexander Albon © XPB Images
Max Verstappen with teammate Alexander Albon © XPB Images


“I have never been to Turkey in my life so I am really looking forward to it and having my kebab,” Max said as his final thought on the racetrack. 

Are you excited to see the cars go around Turn 8 at Istanbul, or has the corner been overhyped? Let us know in the comments below.

Verstappen Thinks He Can Take Turn 8 at Istanbul With His Eyes Closed © XPB Images