It now seems to be a regular thing to have Max Verstappen getting involved in some sort of controversy with the Ferrari drivers, and it’s happened again in Malaysia.

Verstappen was battling with Sebastian Vettel for third when the Ferrari driver lunged into turn one and crashed into championship challenger Nico Rosberg, putting himself out of the race and dropped the Mercedes driver to the back of the pack.

The Dutchman didn’t hold back on the radio, “Sebastian is crazy,” he said. “He ******* smashed into Rosberg like an idiot.”

People were quick to point out though how similar Vettel’s move was to the one Verstappen’s pulled on him in the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa.

Speaking to Channel 4 after his retirement, Vettel admitted his mistake but when told about Verstappen’s comments said, “Maybe he needs to calm down. He’s starting to listen. If anything there is two idiots.”

*Grabs the popcorn*