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Verstappen’s Blanchimont Pass Nominated For Best Action Of 2015

The 2015 Formula One season hasn’t been that great let’s be honest but one thing that has made the season epic is a young kid called Max Verstappen. The teenager has answered all his critics (and some!) while more often than not being the only driver to make the races exciting by pulling off some outrageous passing manoeuvres.

One of his stand-out overtakes was a pass around the outside of Felipe Nasr at Blanchimont in this year’s Belgian Grand Prix and now that very pass has been nominated for the FIA’s Action of the year award.

Moments from eight other FIA series have also been nominated including one of the many Audi vs Porsche battles during this year’s World Endurance Championship…

A dramatic finish to Rally Catalunya in the WRC…

And the conclusion to Formula E’s inaugural season in London…

You can watch all nine moments and vote for your favourite here.

What do you think was the best bit of motorsport action in 2015?

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