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Vettel Admits Sad Truth About Ladder To ‘Elite’ F1

The world is a MUCH better place when Sebastian Vettel is in an F1 car. But, in its current elitist state, the German has admitted a very sad truth about his journey to F1.

In a drivers press conference at Spa, Vettel told media including The Race: “I think if I had to start, if I was seven again today, I’m not sure I would make it, just because you need to have the financial backing at a very, very early age.” 

“It has turned into an elite sport.” 

The road to an F1 seat is STUPIDLY expensive, costing drivers millions of dollars to even get their foot in the door.

Even if they do have the talent to make it to F1, teams are often reluctant to take on rookies unless they have some sort of major financial backing. As they say CASH IS KING! 

“Overall motorsport has become too professional. And with professionalism there’s also the financial aspect,” Vettel added.

“I mean look at F1. Now we have the budget cap to try and counter that but there was no limit before we entered that era, where we are in today, and teams were spending more money than they had and that’s all for the teams.”

Do you think F1’s ‘pay to play’ format is stopping potential young stars from getting to F1? 

8 thoughts on “Vettel Admits Sad Truth About Ladder To ‘Elite’ F1

  • Andre Trinidad says:

    It’s very true and sad because even though you got the talent but if you don’t have enough money it’s difficult to enter F1. Wherein if you are a son of a billionaire, you can have your sit even if you are not worth the talent. It is all about money now because teams need development for their car too and they need rich people to fund them in exchange for an easy seat even though there are other incredible young drivers that work hard to race.

  • I’ve arged with people who took the fact that F1 drivers are not innate superhumans as an insult. *Any* person who grows up karting with a tutor and a rich family that ensures they don’t have to study to work a normal job will become quite talented in driving. That is the big factor behind sons of F1 drivers being proficient. Genetics don’t pass driving abilities on.

    With this obvious fact which turns out not to be obvious for many people, I think F1 has always been an elite sport. Vettel came from an average family, but how many average parents of similarly talented sons had to quit mid career? How many were as good but didn’t get a chance to show it and receive his BMW backing?

    Sadly, I don’t see how motorsports will ever stop being elite sports, especially as the average parent knows less about DIY mechanics and climate restrictions ban cheap old equipment.

  • Seb will say this and get torn down for it. Lewis will say the same thing and be praised. Are both not right or does the color of their skin matter?

  • F1 has become a lot more accessible than in the past. So many more young driver programs and increased sponsorship as opposed to the past where it was pretty much a rich man’s sport.

  • I find it extraordinary, maybe more sad, anyone can admire this phoney Vettel, a bloke, not a man, of very little true integrity, just smoke and mirrors blinding the blind!

  • Where was all of Vettel’s eco and F1 criticisms when he was desperate for accolades and being paid huge amounts? A pathetic little bloke is who Vettel truly is, trying to control the narrative

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