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Vettel Thinks Aggregate Qualifying Is “A Shit Idea”

The first two races of 2016 have actually been pretty damn good but overshadowing everything at the moment is the completely farcical qualifying format that no one wanted in the first place but the FIA don’t want to admit is wrong.

So instead of reverting back to the old system, their new bright idea is ‘aggregate qualifying’ which will see the two best times from each driver added together… because nothing beats the thrill of getting a calculator out when someone crosses the line to work out what position they’re in.

Sebastian Vettel led the comments from drivers who are already dismissing it,  with the four-time world champion not mincing his words and calling the idea “shit.”

“It’s time to go to the circus,” Vettel told Sky Sports. “It’s a good idea if you want random things to happen, but Formula One should be about racing. It’s a shit idea.”

Jenson Button on the other hand has said anything is better than the elimination qualifying.

“It’s better than this one – I think everything’s better than this one,” said Button. “Drivers driving round with one eye open is better than this one. I look forward to change and that’s what’s hopefully coming.”

As you can imagine Bernie Ecclestone has listened carefully to the driver’s constructive criticism… j/k he’s called them ‘windbags’ and has said “They shouldn’t even be allowed to talk.”

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