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Vettel Among Drivers Given A Reprimand For Not Removing T-Shirts Before National Anthem

Four drivers were called to the stewards after the race for wearing t-shirts during the Hungarian national anthem. They included Sebastian Vettel, Valtteri Bottas, Carlos Sainz and Lance Stroll. For all drivers involved, this is their first reprimand of the season.

What is a reprimand, I hear you ask? They are given to a driver if they’ve done something that might have broken the rules or is noted as being naughty but without a slam dunk penalty. Get three reprimands over a season, and you earn yourself a ten-place grid penalty.

As explained in F1’s sporting regulations, “the ten grid place penalty will only be imposed if at least two of the reprimands were imposed for a driving infringement.”

These reprimands were “Non-driving” and related to the wearing of t-shirts during the national anthem, which is not allowed.

With the “We Race As One” message that F1 is keen to promote before every race, drivers can pick a top to wear that reflects a personal message or something that the drivers unanimously agree on. F1 called them “important issues” before the season started and that these issues would be “discussed with the drivers and the teams ahead of the start of the season.”

Today, Sebastian Vettel used his platform to wear a rainbow t-shirt with ‘SAME LOVE’ proudly displayed on it. Alongside other drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Vettel has been keen to show his support of the LGBTQ+ community in a country that has an anti-LGBTQ+ law.

After their designated moment to bring attention to the We Race As One movement, drivers are played a siren that informs them it’s time to take off the shirt and get ready for the country’s national anthem.

Today, the drivers given the reprimand sanction failed to remove their t-shirts in time.

After speaking to the stewards, it was deemed that all drivers “forgot to take off the WRAO t-shirt in time during the national anthem because of the onset of rain.”

It’s true. The rain had started to fall at that time and went on to cause a crazy first lap.

Race-winner Esteban Ocon has also been given a reprimand (non-driving) for failing to park in front of the pit boards in pit lane at the end of the race. Esteban explained that “he missed the pit entry and figured that the best place to stop would be close to the pit exit. He apologised and confirmed to be more careful next time.” Bless.

We’re just glad to see both Ocon and Vettel keep their podium positions 👏

6 thoughts on “Vettel Among Drivers Given A Reprimand For Not Removing T-Shirts Before National Anthem

  • Roger The Alien says:

    Ocon’s emotions were probably all over the place winning his first F1 GP, give the kid a break. He owned up to it and will learn from this mistake but he had an awesome drive and should be celebrating.

  • PatrickDownUnder says:

    Hungary does not have ‘anti-LGBT(etc)’ laws. They have proposed a law, widely accepted by the Hungarian majority, which protects children from any material with LGBT(etc) content, so that when they are responsible adults they can decide things for themselves. Of course, if LH, SV and others want to use their tremendous platform for good; instead of insulting the majority of Hungarians via self-promoting, righteous tweets, they could arrange to meet with the nation’s leaders and have an actual two-way discussion. Who knows, they might actually learn something.

    • It was approved by parliament. Not the people of Hungary. The law is obviously homophobic. It has nothing to do with letting them decide and everything to do with hiding it from them. Its pretty dumb. Trying to hide stuff like that from kids. And he made a much bigger impact wearing that shirt than asking for a meeting with leadership. Dont be daft.

    • Mark Jackson says:

      A two way discussion about LGBT laws ends up with you in jail. There is nothing two way in Hungary when it comes to this. On the subject of children, they don’t care if a women loves a women, or a man loves a man. They understand that when two people are in love, they should be together. By banning children to understand that all love is equal and that it doesn’t matter who loves who, it gives people 18 years to enforce their negative views on the child, by which we see from the post above, it will be too late.

    • Adam Allford says:

      Are children protected from heterosexual content under the same laws? If not why not? Your argument is that they should be waiting til adulthood before deciding about sexuality

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