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Vettel Escapes Punishment From FIA For Mexican GP Swearing Marathon

Sebastian “shouting like a child” Vettel (as Max Verstappen described him) has escaped punishment from Formula 1’s governing body, the FIA, after his expletive-filled rant during the final laps of the Mexican Grand Prix.

The FOM bleep machine was working overtime during the closing stages of the race, just as things were (finally) starting to get exciting out on track.

Max Verstappen cut the first chicane while battling Vettel, which basically chucked fuel on the fire that was the Ferrari driver’s mood.

Vettel then had Daniel Ricciardo to contend with. The two clashed wheels on the penultimate lap when Ricciardo tried a move, only to lock up and run deep at Turn 4 after some aggressive defending from Vettel.

Through these battles, Vettel proceeded to vent his frustration and Hulk-like anger over team radio and twice told FIA race director Charlie Whiting to “f**k off”.

In case you missed it, here’s the full juicy radio rant from the final few laps:

Of course, after the race things got hilariously complicated. Verstappen lost third place due to a time penalty for his corner cutting.

Vettel stood on the podium but a few hours later he then got a time penalty for changing direction under braking while battling with Ricciardo, giving the Aussie something to smile about (the third place trophy).


Swearing over team radio is nothing new in F1, but telling big boss Whiting to “f**k off” seemed a bit much. Some were expecting a penalty or even a race ban, while others thought a simple telling off would do.

Vettel admitted after the race (once he had calmed down) the expletive radio messages were a mistake and he went to apologise to Whiting straight away and then wrote a letter to him.

The FIA released a statement on Tuesday with their response, deciding not to take disciplinary action due to Vettel’s apology. Here’s what the FIA said:


What do you think? The right call, or the wrong one?

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