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Halo Visibility “Not Great” According To Sebastian Vettel

In news that will probably surprise absolutely no one, having a giant flip-flop in your face while you’re trying to drive a Formula One car at 200 mph isn’t all that great.

Sebastian Vettel ran the Halo design for an installation lap during Free Practice 1 for the British Grand Prix but his feedback on the device wasn’t all that positive.

The Ferrari driver said the Halo was “Not great” when asked about running the design at Silverstone, adding “There is quite a bit of impact in terms of visibility but it was just a standard check.”

It was however a bit more informative than the feedback Kimi Raikkonen gave when he tested the first Halo design in Barcelona, saying it was “Okay.”

It’s of course early days but as we found out earlier this year, the Halo is the cockpit protection of choice for 2017 over Red Bull’s aeroscreen idea that they tested in Sochi.

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