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Vettel Has Been Officially Disqualified From Hungarian Grand Prix

We can’t believe it.. Sebastian Vettel has been disqualified from his second place at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Vettel has been penalised for not being able to supply enough fuel at the end of the race and lost his second podium finish of the season. This has now promoted Lewis Hamilton to second and Carlos Sainz to third for Ferrari. 

Seb pulled over on the cool down lap and made his way to the podium on foot, waving to the crowd. The FIA need to be able to take a sample of one litre to run all their necessary tests to check that they’re running legal fuels but they were only able to gather 0.3 litres from Seb’s car.

The rulings for this are pretty slam-dunk. If you can’t get your car properly scrutineered you get thrown out. It happened recently in F2 last year when Dan Ticktum lost a victory because he was disqualified.

“After the race it was not possible to take a 1.0 litre sample of fuel from car 5,” the FIA confirmed. “The team was given several opportunities to attempt to remove the required amount of fuel from the tank, however it was only possible to pump 0.3 litres out.

“During the hearing in presence of the FIA Technical Delegate and the FIA Technical Director the team principal of Aston Martin stated that there must be 1,44 litres left in the tank, but they are not able to get it out. This figure is calculated using the FFM or injector model.

“Given this situation, car No. 5 is not in compliance with the requirements of Art. 6.6 FIA Technical Regulations. According to Art. 6.6.2 competitors must ensure that a 1.0 litre sample of fuel may be taken from the car at any time. The procedure was followed however the 1.0 litre sample of fuel was unable to be taken.

“The Stewards determine to apply the standard penalty for technical infringements. Therefore they took into account, that it shall be no defence to claim that no performance advantage was obtained.”

Vettel’s disqualification now means Hamilton extends his championship lead to eight points to Verstappen as we head into the summer break. It also promotes Carlos Sainz to his second podium of the year after joining the Ferrari squad.

The FIA also confirmed they had received a “Notice of Intention of Appeal from Aston Martin” for the disqualification, so this story isn’t over yet. 

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    • Anthony Schroeder says:

      If you let Mercedes put whatever they want in and not have to pass post race fuel requirements, you can be sure they will run away with things. Just in case we forgot, a light version of this cheating led to an insanely overbuffed Ferrari going from fastest to 6th yoy.

      • Like the simpleton Leon is, he confused Vettel being DQ’d because they didn’t have enough fuel to sample in his car after the race vs him wearing the pride shirt during the national anthem ceremony. Imagine having the gumption standing up to actual oppression, something that Leon would Never do. Just look at his comments. If he lived in the States he almost certainly would have a closet full of white sheets with holes in them.

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