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Sebastian Vettel Explains F1’s Dumb Decision Making With Ice Cream

Reading the word ice cream on a Formula One site you’d expect the news to be about the other Ferrari driver but this time it’s Sebastian Vettel who has used the frozen food as a perfect analogy for F1’s recent decision making.

You surely know by now that elimination qualifying is back for Bahrain despite it completely sucking in Australia to the point where the teams agreed to scrap it immediately. When asked about it, the four-time champion had this to say…

“If you sell vanilla ice cream and everybody that comes to the shop asks for chocolate ice cream, the next day you open you are expected to sell chocolate ice cream, but instead you decide to sell vanilla ice cream again. So, I think that usually you do what your clients would like you to do, but you’re not really doing the job, I guess, if you do exactly the opposite.”

“We, the drivers, didn’t give any proposal [about qualifying]” Vettel added. “We just made it clear that something is not right and that something has to change. We are drivers and we are not here to make the rules but I think for some decisions it would be beneficial to listen more to the drivers and to the fans. You have to do what’s the best for sport at the end. We just have to find the best system.”

Qualifying is set to be properly discussed on Sunday (I know, great timing right?) with Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt involved. So we’ll have to wait to see if us fans get the chocolate ice cream we want or end up with crappy vanilla instead.

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