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Vettel Is Going To Appear On A UK Political Talk Show

F1 drivers have made some unusual appearances on TV over the past few years. From Lewis Hamilton on Ellen, to Daniel Ricciardo doing a shoey with The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. However, next week Sebastian Vettel will be making one of the strangest cameos for an F1 driver.

The four-time champ will be in London and a guest on the BBC’s “Question Time” programme.

The show, which has been televised since 1979, hosts topical debates with politicians and other personalities in the media, with questions being asked by members of the public.

It’s a show that can sometimes become a bit savage, but we’re super intrigued and proud of Seb for using his voice on this platform to discuss issues that are important to him.

Only earlier this week did Vettel wear a t-shirt which helped raise awareness for the rising sea levels and how Miami, the location F1 is racing at this weekend, could be underwater in a matter of years!

12 thoughts on “Vettel Is Going To Appear On A UK Political Talk Show

      • I don’t know who that is but since you equate racism with him he must not be on the right.

        Edit: I just looked him up. He was the guy who championed UK independence from the EU. Seems everything to leftists is racist if you disagree with them on the subject, no matter which country. At least there is consistency.

        • Tom Still says:

          I suggest if you’re not familiar with who he is and what he is about you just don’t comment at all.

          • He wasn’t referenced in the article and is not connected to F1 so why should I care? Typical leftist political stances. Insult people and abuse the term racist when your point is lost.

      • Michael Lucken says:

        So they one alternative viewpoint on occasionally all the rest could all boo and hiss at in order to pretend balance

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