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Vettel Drives Through Ferrari’s Racing History In Awesome LaFerrari Launch Video

Next year will be Ferrari’s 70th anniversary, so to celebrate they’ve launched the LaFerrari Aperta. Awesome, right? Well you can’t have one, firstly because it costs $2 million and secondly because even if you had the money, all 200 of them have already been sold.

The special edition Ferrari will be produced for 200 clients who forked out the hefty price tag already before it was even revealed.

So you’ll never have one. Sad times. You can however enjoy the extremely awesome launch video that Ferrari produced for it, which features Sebastian Vettel driving the car while reflecting on the history of the brand.


It’s equally as cheesy as it is awesome but the bit where Vettel drives alongside his hero, countryman and Ferrari legend, Michael Schumacher is enough to hit you right in the feels.

The video also features the great Gilles Villeneuve in the Ferrari 312 as well as a bunch of other Ferrari legends and famous race cars.


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