So this year’s Italian Grand Prix was pretty dire but there’s still no denying Monza deserves a place in Formula One, a circuit like no other on the F1 calendar. Despite the Autodromo Nazionale Monza’s legendary status, it still remains under threat, something Sebastian Vettel isn’t too happy about.

“If you take Monza away from the calendar for any shitty money reasons, you are basically ripping our hearts out,” said Vettel shortly after his first race for Ferrari in front of the passionate Tifosi.

(C) Ferrari
(C) Ferrari

It’s not just Vettel though, Lewis Hamilton – who often gets booed in Italy because he’s not driving one of the red cars – even spoke out saying that Monza “should be here for the rest of F1’s life.” Damn right.

With F1 set for a high-speed shake-up in 2017, the thought of Formula One cars that are six to seven seconds a lap quicker at the ‘Temple of Speed’ is a mouth watering prospect.

Monza HAS to stay.