We all know Kimi Raikkonen is ice cool. He’s the ‘Iceman’ after all. So it was hardly surprising to see him take on a Ferrari World rollercoaster and show only a few hints of enjoyment.

Raikkonen and team-mate Sebastian Vettel went around the Flying Aces rollercoaster at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi a few times.

It’s known for having the world’s tallest non-inverting loop but while Vettel looked to be having a great time, Raikkonen didn’t look all that thrilled.

He showed a few rare smiles, but looked super calm and relaxed through the whole thing. Who knows, maybe he reacts to fear in a (very) different way to the rest of us? Or maybe he was just bored.

But, as we all know, it’s fun to watch the Iceman being put in these normal situations and see how he reacts. The answer? He doesn’t react that much.