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Vettel Thinks F1 Radio Rules Are “Complete Bullshit”

You can understand why the FIA want to ban F1 team radio when engineers appear to be controlling the races more than the guys behind the wheel but let’s be honest, the way it’s been handled is all kinds of confusing.

Well Sebastian Vettel didn’t hold back when asked his thoughts on the radio ban ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix, calling them “a joke” and “complete bullshit.”

“Complete bullshit! All the radio issues we have are a joke,” said the Ferrari driver. “I looked at the race after and I found, as a spectator, it was quite entertaining to hear a driver panicking a little bit on the radio, and the team panicking at the same time.

“It puts the element of human being into our sport that arguably is very complicated and technical. I think it’s the wrong way. There’s a lot of boring stuff on the radio that got banned – so I don’t see the point.”

In an opinion which will no doubt be popular with the traditionalists, Vettel basically said if you want F1 to go back to basics you might as well “go back to V12, manual gearbox, two buttons, one for pit speed limiter and one for radio, just to confirm that we’re coming in.”

He’s got a point you know…

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