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Vettel Wants Changes After Being Covered In Brake Dust In Austria

It was a tough ol’ weekend for Sebastian Vettel with his Aston Martin getting caught up in not one but TWO incidents that ruined both his Sprint and his race.

“It almost feels that there is a target on my car,” Seb joked after Sunday, where contact with Pierre Gasly sent him into the gravel again.

After finishing the race in last place, Seb rocked up to the media pen, where he was also told that he’d received a five-second time penalty for track limits violations at the end of the Austrian GP. Nightmare 😬

People quickly noticed that Vettel was covered in black dust while doing his media pen interviews too. Rachel Brookes of Sky Sports F1 was quick to ask where it had come from, and it turns out it was from the car’s brake ducts!

“To be honest with you, that is something I think they need to work on because, you know, where the design of the brake ducts this year, the front axle, is blowing all the brake dust into our faces,” Seb reported back.

“It’s not good. Obviously, carbon dust is not really something healthy to breathe in, so I hope the FIA looks into this very soon because it’s pointless and easy to change.”

Sounds awful!

26 thoughts on “Vettel Wants Changes After Being Covered In Brake Dust In Austria

  • Paul Hovonick says:

    I just really wish drivers would just do that… I had learned to like vettel at Ferrari, but now hes too worried about everything BUT driving.

    • He does drive… where did he stop during the race to complain, or pull up and build a bee hotel? Did he come into the pits and grab a megaphone to warn everyone about the water levels?

      They’re drivers, they all drive. What they do and say in between doesn’t affect that, and if you don’t care for it, don’t listen or read it.

      And breathing in brake dust is concerning driving… its a direct result of driving, and affecting their breathing whilst doing so many laps could require to need to take action to stop having so much dust blowing. So that’s counter to your point anyway

    • Phil Clarke says:

      So no more press conferences? But you get to say every unfiltered moronic thought that comes into your hollow skull so that hardly seems fair. 🙂

  • As much as I do think Vettel is too concerned with everything but the racing (C’mon mate, that’s Hamilton’s job), I will admit this is genuinely a problem. The thing is, how do we solve it? If you angle the brake ducts away from the car you’ll just end up showering everyone else around you in brake dust

    • norman connor says:

      Vettel is about saving the planet, Hamilton is about racial hate. And that’s something we see clearly all the time on these forums and especially at the Austrian track this weekend. As for Hamilton, well a bad car that still outlasted Ferrari and Redbull and got him on the podium. Carbon breathing in is not good for anyone. Maybe time the FIA realised their blunders and made drivers safety the first priority. Nope they worry about the stupid things. Even Verstappen stated track limits was stupid at Spielberg because of the hidden corners.

      • i really like him but what impact has he actually had yes there have been changes but its nothing major nothing that will change the world we might get our own thunberg for f1

        • norman connor says:

          All changes since the whole world got together have been very little. Look at Germany with its coal fired power stations. They have till 2038 to close them, and they even opened a new one where protestors were demonstrating at. Russia, China, and America are way behind. The thing is we won’t really see what Vettel has done to impact changes. All it takes is a handful of people to change from hearing what he says. That’s a start. Look at Hamilton and his campaign against racism, I have seen a lot of people’s attitudes change. Just like my own country Ireland where in the North protestant and Catholic are more understanding with each other. Take today 12ty July a big day in the Protestant calendar. There will be parades all over the north, recently it’s become less troublesome and the Catholic community let them march in peace. Yes there will always be the minority that will never change. But it’s a more peaceful country than 25 years ago , small things we never see until later on in life
          The problem is there are too many people that hate others whether that’s for their success, nationality, religion or skin colour. And on these forums I have never seen as much hate for drivers like Hamilton from Ferrari and Redbull fans, and vice versa for max. Do we honestly think Hamilton, Max or any driver on that Grid cares about their fans as much as some fans worship their driver that they degrade others ?

  • Brian Passingham says:

    Well I think F1 has gone out the window now, to many people looking to blame or make a claim.
    Like one of the earliest post said, the race controllers should be ex open car drivers, as they have more experience than saloon car drivers/racers

  • Agree with vettel, sensible solution if filters on the helmets aren’t working (& no keeping covid masks on isn’t sensible 🙂):
    Ducts are there to cool brakes on straights how bout, when car is decelerating a sensor (at set failsafe speed for device*) deploys a filter over the ducts.
    In these green-centric times. Post race carbon could be collected from filters & recycled!

    *Obviously a filter over ducts would need this as during stupendous F1 acceration they would just blow off & land in the drivers face who is following (most likely Vettel).

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