Vettel Won The Race of Champions Nations Cup On His Own

The country of Sebastian Vettel won the Nations’ Cup part of the Race of Champions after beating NASCAR Team USA in the final.

Vettel had to drive the event on his own as Pascal Wehrlein withdrew after his accident the in the individual competition. He saw off the Team Colombia pairing of Gabby Chaves and individual champion Juan Pablo Montoya in the semi-final before defeating the NASCAR Team USA duo of Kurt and Kyle Busch in the final.

Vettel raced for Team Germany on his own
Vettel raced for Team Germany on his own

Vettel went totally undefeated en route to the title, which was impressive considering he went out in the first round of the individual competition on Saturday. It marks the 7th time Team Germany have won the title, who won it six years in a row between 2007 and 2012 when Vettel was teamed up with Michael Schumacher.

Scott Speed was also competing and during the event was asked for his prediction on who would win: “Vettel! Because he’s been driving all the cars all day by himself! And he’s, obviously he’s Vettel, he’s awesome.” Speed said of his own performance that he’d “put on an absolute clinic on exactly how not to do the Race of Champions”. Good to see the guy who was replaced by Vettel at Toro Rosso halfway through 2007 having a laugh, which is a huge part of what the event is all about.

One of the stars of the day was Canadian driver Stefan Rzadzinski, who was voted by fans to compete in the event and ended up beating Scott Speed AND Alex Rossi in his heats. Not bad for a guy who usually races a Nissan Micra!