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Vettel’s 2021 Helmet Will Be Pink After A Special Deal With BWT

He’s made a move to Aston Martin, but it’s not just the colour of his overalls that has had a dramatic makeover. Sebastian Vettel’s iconic racing helmet has now been changed to a pink design as part of a new partnership with BWT.

Although the pink gradient looks great, as well as the message behind the helmet change, we are already missing that special German-inspired helmet that he had for so many years.

“The future is important and we must do our best to protect the planet for children and young people,” Vettel said about his new partnership with water company BWT. “We all share this responsibility and if we come together we can make a difference.”

The special partnership sees Vettel become an ambassador for the brand, and will help start their mission to help create “BWT Bottle Free Zones” in kindergarten and schools.

The back of the helmet displays the phrase “by cutting down the amount of plastic waste, we can make the world a little better, sip by sip.”

It’s a nice touch and raises awareness of the important issue of preserving of our planet for future generations.

“As a Formula 1 driver, I think it’s right to speak up on this subject and have my voice heard,” Sen continued when talking about the reason behind his new pink helmet design.

“I am pleased to have found a partner in BWT that shares the same perspective and goals.”

What do you think of Seb’s new helmet design?

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