Video Parody Shows Verstappen Winning Driver Of The Day For Everything

From diving to touring car racing and golf, Max Verstappen manages to win ‘Driver of the Day’ for pretty much everything in this funny parody.

Red Bull driver Verstappen won a lot of ‘Driver of the Day’ awards in 2016, some were understandable but a few of them were a little questionable.

He was snapped up the award in this year’s Chinese Grand Prix, although his drive to third from the back of the grid was well-deserved.

Naturally, Verstappen winning the fan-voted award all the time soon turned into a joke, with hilarious posts on social media about it (especially at the end of last year).

Well, now, YouTuber IntoTheBarrier turned Verstappen’s tendency to win ‘Driver of the Day’ into a brilliant parody – Mad Max can win the award without even competing in the events.

It even features exclusive interviews* with Verstappen and Red Bull boss Christian Horner, sharing their thoughts on the constant ‘Driver of the Day’ wins.

*Interviews were not actually exclusive