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VOTE: Which Offences Deserve Penalty Points In F1?

After Pierre Gasly hinted that the penalty points system will change in 2023, we wanted to know which offences that have been punished this year deserve penalty points on a driver’s licence.

Use the poll to vote below!

3 thoughts on “VOTE: Which Offences Deserve Penalty Points In F1?

  • I think only safety issues (collision,
    yellow/red flags, etc.) should get points. The others ( leaving track, blue flag, etc.) can be handled by time penalty or grid penalty only

  • I think there should be major and minor penalties and penalty points do that way stuff like impeding another driver and going of track to gain an advantage falls under the minor penalties and stuff that puts people and other drivers at risk falls under major. And three minor penalty points is worth 1 major penalty point

  • “Hey that’s not fair” violations should be handled with penalties specific to that race/weekend only. That’s what time and grid penalties are for, immediate corrective action.

    “That could have killed someone” violations need points, and a lot more of them than are currently given.

    Unrelated, I had no idea you guys were owned by The Race. What a bummer.

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