This Moto2 Rider Grabbing A Rival's Brakes Is The Dumbest Thing We've Seen In Racing - WTF1

This Moto2 Rider Grabbing A Rival’s Brakes Is The Dumbest Thing We’ve Seen In Racing

Whilst involved in a battle earlier in the race, Fenati was run out onto the gravel by Stefano Manzi. That’s fairly standard stuff in a championship as competitive as Moto2, but Fenati decided to deal out his own brand of justice. Not by recovering, beating him in the race, and then complaining to the stewards after the race, but by catching him up and then reaching over and squeezing the front brake lever of Manzi’s bike. No, really.

Thankfully Manzi managed to just about stay on the bike, avoiding what would have been a colossal accident. Fenati was later black-flagged for “irresponsible riding” (to put it mildly) although it’d be amazing if he didn’t get some kind of ban to go along with it…

Update: Fenati has been banned from the next two races in Aragon and Thailand.

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