Watch A Moto3 Rider Avoid An Accident By Landing A Sweet Jump

Jakub Kornfeil displayed someone serious skills and managed to turn what would have been an accident into a mega jump

With just over a lap to go in the Moto3 race at Le Mans, Enea Bastianini lost control and crashed at the final corner. Kornfeil was right behind him and with nowhere to go looked set to plough into Bastianini’s bike and go down as well. But, somehow, he managed to use the fallen bike as a ramp, pulling off this awesome jump, landing it, and carrying on to finish sixth. Nice!

Kornfeil’s awesome motocross skills aside, it was a controversial race with so many penalties you could be forgiven for thinking you were watching F1. Fabio Di Giannantonio came from third to first on the last lap (the typical Moto3 craziness) to score his first win, but was handed a contentious three-second post-race penalty for an earlier corner cutting incident, dropping him to fourth and handing a maiden win to Albert Arenas.