Watch A Nascar Crash Happen From The Perspective Of The Driver

The view from Kurt Busch's helmet cam in the Brickyard 400 gave an incredible view of how chaotic multi-car accidents can be on an oval

We’ve seen various types of helmet cam get developed over the past few years and lots of footage from practice and test sessions, but this year in the USA we’ve started to see them regularly fitted to drivers in races.

Kurt Busch was running one in this weekend’s Brickyard 400 and it gave us an incredible view of an accident unfolding in front of him - and how powerless he was to avoid it.

Oof, you can almost feel the force of the shunts yourself!

The race was red-flagged to clean up the mess, and thankfully the drivers involved were all ok. Also how lucky was the No.14 of Clint Bowyer to not spin into the end of the pit wall?!