Watch A Supercars Driver Wipe His Fogged-Up Windscreen At Full Racing Speed

Paul Dumbrell came up with a novel way to keep his windscreen clear during the Bathurst 1000

One of the biggest problems of racing in the wet can be getting a fogged-up windscreen and being unable to see where you’re going.

Having the heater on or cracking open a window can help, but they’re not foolproof so having an alternative de-misting strategy isn’t a bad option.

That exactly what Paul Dumbrell and the Triple Eight Red Bull team did in the Bathurst 1000. When his window misted up, he grabbed a squeegee (basically a sponge on a stick) and used it to clear his screen.

I’m not sure what’s most impressive about this. Is it the preparation to have it in the car in the first place? Is it the fact the organisers allowed him to carry it with him at all? Or is it the way he cleared his screen on the fastest part of the circuit, in the pouring rain, whilst upshifting?