Watch A WRC Driver Pull Off An Amazing 50-Metre Jump

Mads Ostberg somehow managed a staggering 50-metre jump during the ridiculously-quick Rally Finland

The famous “Yellow House Jump” at Rally Finland is one of the scariest, toughest and biggest of the entire World Rally Championship calendar.

When you consider Rally Finland is one of the fastest WRC events, full stop, and these new-era cars are ridiculously rapid – that produces unsurprisingly-epic jumps.

During the second running through the Ouninpohja stage, Ostberg tackled the iconic Rally Finland jump and was in the air for a crazy amount of time.

It’s not an easy jump to approach, either, with a fast right-hand corner, small straight and then a big crest. Not for the fainthearted…

The final figure? 50 metres, or just over 160 feet. That’s seriously impressive. And look at how majestic his Ford Fiesta WRC looks as it flies through the air!