Watch All The Major Crashes And Incidents From This Year's Daytona 24 Hours

It may not have been the most action-packed Daytona 24 Hours of all time but there was still plenty of stuff happening

There was a huge amount of hype around this year’s Daytona 24 Hours thanks to Fernando Alonso entering the race. But even though his effort came to a familiarly disappointing end, there should have been plenty more to get excited about thanks to a bumper field of Prototypes.

Sadly that wasn’t quite the case, and the race actually kinda fizzled out into nothing. Unusually for Daytona, there were also way fewer caution periods than there normally are, which had the effect of spreading everyone out and reducing the amount of action. That’s not to say that nothing happened though, as there were some accidents, collisions and more, all of which have been combined into this one bitesize, easy-to-manage video.