The noise of modern-day F1 machines may not get your heart racing like those of the past, but thankfully there are still a lot of classic F1 cars hitting the track.

Keeping an old F1 car tucked up in a garage or museum is all well and good to look at, but they were made to race and be driven at speed.

Fortunately, plenty of old F1 cars still get to stretch their legs on circuits, at events like this Minardi Historic Day at the Imola track.

To event took place last year to celebrate the former long-time F1 backmarker Minardi and the circuit’s history, with F1 beasts such as the Ferrari 643, Minardi PS048 and Williams FW07.

It’s good for us because the gold-mine that is the 19Bozzy92 YouTube channel captured a load of footage of the event, for us to enjoy.