During their time together at McLaren Senna and Berger had built up a great relationship, with Gerhard supposedly teaching the normally-intense Brazilian how to relax and have fun as the two pulled a series of pranks on each other.

On the Friday of the 1993 Belgian Grand Prix, Senna spotted an opportunity to get one over on his former teammate whilst visiting the Ferrari pit to celebrate Berger’s 34th birthday. He grabbed some cake and pulled off the classic ‘smush cake in their face’ move before making a hasty exit.

Meanwhile, Thierry Boutsen was also having a bit of a get together to commemorate his final Grand Prix, so Senna paid him a visit too. Still feeling mischievous, he dumped water on him and shot off again before the Belgian could retaliate!

Yup, that was Michele Alboreto and a young Rubens Barrichello watching on as Boutsen got drenched.

JJ Lehto was also celebrating his 50th race start but managed to avoid Senna’s cheeky antics. It’s pretty cool seeing Senna so relaxed though – those desperate escapes through the media are gold!