Watch A Compilation Of Bernie Ecclestone's Funniest Moments - WTF1

Watch A Compilation Of Bernie Ecclestone’s Funniest Moments

This compilation video of Bernie Ecclestone being…well, Bernie Ecclestone will suddenly make you miss him more than you thought you would.

Bernie has had a huge impact on F1 and always had a very ‘unique’ way of going about things. You were never quite sure whether to believe what he was saying or whether it was just a tactic to distract you from something else that was happening. Either way, he definitely has a great sense of humour, as you can see from this compilation video.

There are plenty of things about him we wont miss, like his insane ideas to improve the sport, or how out of touch he seemed to be with modern life, but there can be no doubting that he was a massive character and there won’t be another person quite like him.

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