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Watch The DTM End Of Season Movie

It doesn’t seem like long ago that the 2016 motorsport season got under way, but it’s October already and championships around the world are beginning to approach their end. Indeed some series have already finished, one of which is the DTM. Barely a week after Marco Wittman pipped Eduardo Mortara to the title in Hockenheim and the DTM YouTube channel has already released their traditional end-of-season review video.

This isn’t just your typical race highlight montage however, but a beautifully shot movie with insights from drivers and team members getting just as much of the spotlight as the on-track action. The production values of this are insanely good, and even though the DTM doesn’t always produce the most exciting racing you don’t have to be a fan of it to enjoy the video. The story of the season and the emotions of the championship showdown are something any motorsport fan can relate to, and its nice to see a championship celebrate the human element too. It’s well worth ten minutes of your time!

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