Watch F1 Drivers Attempt To Sing Justin Timberlake Songs - With Hilarious Results

Justin Timberlake is set to perform at this year's US GP and several drivers 'sang' some lyrics to promote the event

One of the things the United States GP at COTA is starting to become known for is the concerts which take place during the event. Last year Taylor Swift performed on the Saturday evening, and when F1 hits Austin this year from 20-22 October, two more big names will be playing.

Justin Timberlake is performing on Saturday evening whilst the legendary Stevie Wonder will close out the event on Sunday evening after the race.

To promote the occasion KHP Consulting created a video asking the drivers what they thought of the event and the upcoming concerts - and then asked them to ‘sing’ a line from a Justin Timberlake song. Yes, it’s as cringeworthy and hilarious as you expect.

Wow. Of course Daniel Ricciardo was going to give it full beans, but looking into the eyes of Jolyon Palmer and Lance Stroll as they say they’re going to bring sexy back is just… haunting.

Oh, and could Fernando Alonso have sounded any less enthused to be a part of it?!