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Watch The Funniest Bloopers From The 2016 IndyCar Season

Sponsor events and PR gigs are a part and parcel of modern motorsport, and just one of those things drivers have to put up with in order to go racing. In F1 this usually means starring in the odd cringey advert, but in IndyCar (where thanking the sponsors after a race is pretty much as important as thanking your team) they get to do cool things like appear on game shows and tackle the Ninja Warrior course. There are the odd TV promo or interview as well, but when you do something this mundane as much as these guys do you might as well make it fun.

Doing this stuff so much means there are inevitably going to be times when it doesn’t go as planned, and this video shown at this years IndyCar Championship Celebration (kind of like the FIA Gala, but with fans allowed to attend) shows some of the best bloopers and jokes by the drivers over the course of the year.

Of course, it helps that so many of the IndyCar Series guys have great personalities. And look at those retro Tony Kanaan flashbacks! He’s been doing it so long I bet he thanks sponsors in his sleep.

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