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Watch Jenson Button Attempt To Land A Plane

Jenson Button had a go on a British Airways flight simulator as he continues to look for a way to fill his time now that he’s retired from F1.

Rallycross and Super GT seem to be top of Button’s list of things he wants to do, but that hasn’t stopped him from trying out other things, like this flight sim.

Button visited the Heathrow Flight Training Centre to have a go at landing the world’s largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380. After a couple of bumpy landings he starts to get the hang of things, but you’d expect nothing less from someone like Jenson.

We reckon Captain Doctor Button (what an epic title that’d be!) would make a great pilot. Being an F1 driver he’s very experienced with air travel and his smooth driving style would translate well to aviation. But on top of all that he’s spent the last couple of years driving a McLaren-Honda, which means he’s well used to frustrating and inexplicable delays – an essential part of any commercial pilots job.

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