Watch Justin Wilson Bin It After Winning An F3000 Race At Interlagos

The late Justin Wilson took his first F3000 win at Interlagos in 2001 and was so excited he almost crashed

Come on, it’s something we’ve all done on racing games. You’ve won the race by a mile and so to celebrate, you crank on the handbrake and do a spin turn across the finish line because, well, it looks cool.

Justin Wilson (unintentionally, of course) did a similar thing at Interlagos in the first round of the 2001 International F3000 season. He’d been in the series since 1999, this was his first victory, and he was so excited he almost slammed into the pit wall shortly after crossing the line, Vittorio Brambilla-style.

That would be the first of three wins for Wilson that season, which along with seven other podiums was enough to give him the championship by a record margin over runner-up and future fellow F1 driver, Mark Webber.

Webber was also second in the race at Interlagos, but was given a 25-second post-race penalty for overtaking before the line after a safety car period.