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Watch Red Bull Put On A Smoke And Noise-Filled Display In Vietnam

With around a year to go until F1’s newest race, Red Bull gave the locals a taste of F1 machinery with a demonstration on a stretch of road which will form part of the circuit.

David Coulthard and Red Bull simulator driver Jake Dennis were at the wheel of a pair RB7’s and put on a noisy, donut-filled display with the old Renault V8 engines – even though it says ‘Honda’ on the engine cover. If you miss the V8s then pop some headphones on and crank it up, because the whole video is filled with glorious raw engine sounds. Also, Coulthard pulls off some of the best F1-car donuts we’ve seen in ages.

And if you’re one of the people who complain that F1 visits countries like Vietnam with little to no motorsport heritage, just look at the size of that crowd – apparently 50,000 people were in attendance just to see the demo runs, so imagine what it’ll be like at the actual race.

As well as the F1 cars there was also a DJ set by Armin van Buuren, making it a proper celebration for those who turned out. Coulthard said:

“It’s great to have the opportunity to drive the RB7 again and to see the energy of the crowd celebrations to follow. It was pretty hot and heavy out there and I think they’re well warmed up for Heineken Ambassador Armin Van Buuren’s DJ set. After our efforts on track, he’ll now show them how Formula 1 likes to party.

“It was pretty dusty out there but in fairness to the city they’re building a grand prix track on this site as we speak but it just added to the visual aspect. It was very warm out there but it was really great to have the chance to do it.”

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