A race around the Red Bull Ring involving Aston Martins towing caravans and Red Bull’s Formula 1 drivers makes for brilliantly funny viewing.

OK, so it wasn’t a proper, full-on race, as Verstappen was in a beefier Vanquish S Volante compared to Ricciardo’s standard Vanquish Volante (603bhp vs 576bhp) but it was still good fun.

Giving two F1 drivers powerful supercars and a free track will always lead to some kind of competition anyway – even with caravans being added to the equation.

We won’t give too much away, but it’s fair to say the caravans aren’t in the best shape by the end of the video…

Nevertheless, by the ridiculous size of Ricciardo’s smile and Verstappen’s non-stop laughter, both drivers seemed to have a pretty fun time.

For some strange reason, it’s made us really want to be let loose on a free race track with a supercar towing a caravan.

It’s also a wonderfully-creative way to promote the Austrian Grand Prix on the 9 July at the Red Bull Ring.