Watch Ricciardo Chuck Water Over Verstappen In The Post-Race Press Conference

There's very little chance of boring press conferences when Daniel Ricciardo is a part of them

After the farting spectacular in Singapore, Danny-Ric was back up to his usual tricks during the post-race press conference in Malaysia.

Following his win, Max Verstappen was calmly going about giving his thoughts on the race when his teammate decided he could use cooling down after what is one of the hottest and most gruelling races of the year (also listen out for Max’s hilarious response).

@maxverstappen1: Pee 1 😂 #MalaysiaGP 🇲🇾 #Formula1 #F1 @sepangcircuit

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It looks like Ricciardo was going to do something interesting to Max with his finger too, but someone from the fun police yanked his arm to get him to stop. After all, this is Formula 1, how dare he enjoy himself!