We all know that F1 cars are loud – very loud. Maybe not as much now with the 1.6-litre turbos, but back in the days of the V10s and V8s the noise could verge on ear-shattering – especially for anyone standing a bit too close.

One of the great things about events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed is that everyone can stand ‘a bit too close’ to a whole range of awesome racing machinery. Robert Kubica decided to have a bit of a laugh with that fact in the paddock area, and just stamped on the throttle of the Lotus E20, much to the shock of those around him.

That’s one new pair of underwear for that marshall on the right and one new eardrum for the photographer on the left, please! Invoices billable to a Mr. R Kubica. He wont be able to play tricks like that if he ever gets a go in a modern hybrid car, that’s for sure!