Despite the Robocar’s lack of driver, which’ll definitely take some getting used to, there’s no denying the fact that it’s a mean-looking machine.

It becomes even more outstanding when you think of the technology and development involved in creating an autonomous race car, that’ll be in an actual championship some point in the future.

The Robocar’s already made an appearance (OK, a very slow one, but still) with a lap around the Paris ePrix circuit and lots of testing has been taking place in private.

Meanwhile, a lot of the public tests of the demos have been with Devbot cars, with the technology in a LMP3 Ginetta chassis.

Two of them raced in Buenos Aires (although one did crash) and the Devbots have had quite a few outings on Formula E race weekends.

The latest episode of the online Inside Roborace documentary series shows off the Devbot testing out high speed mode at the Berlin ePrix, going for quicker lap times.

We won’t spoil the result of the video, but it’s really cool to watch. Roborace won’t be here anytime soon by the looks of it but we’re definitely intrigued to see more of the autonomous tech in action.