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Watch Stefan Johansson Casually Drive His F1 Car On The Road

Former F1 driver Stefan Johansson was reunited with his Ferrari 156/85 at the Adelaide Motorsports Festival last month.

It’s always a little bit odd to see an F1 car being driven by someone without a helmet, but it’s even stranger when it’s on the public road as well. But that’s exactly what Stefan Johansson did at a recent event in Adelaide.

The Ferrari 156/85 was, unsurprisingly, the car Ferrari used in 1985 and Johansson’s team-mate Michele Alboreto came close to winning the championship with it, before five consecutive car failures in the last five races scuppered his chances.

Johansson himself entered 103 Grands Prix in the 80s and early 90s and scored 12 podiums, 11 of which came during two years with Ferrari and one with McLaren. The other podium was scored for the short-lived Onyx team in the 1989 Portuguese Grand Prix, an event where he had to get through pre-qualifying first!

For a long time he held the unwanted record of having the most podiums without winning a race, but the record was taken from him when Nick Heidfeld finished 3rd in the 2011 Malaysian GP.


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